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Subject Listing for Spring 2012
Subject Code Description Subject Code Description
AFST Africana Studies  JPNS  Japanese 
AMST American Studies  LALC  Lat Am/Latino/Caribbean Stdies 
ANTH Anthropology  LATN  Latin 
ARBI Arabic  LAWP  Law & Policy 
ARCH Archaeology  MATH  Mathematics 
ARTH Art & Art History  MEMS  Medieval & Early Mdrn. Studies 
BIOL Biology  MEST  Middle East Studies 
CHEM Chemistry  MISC  Military Science 
CHIN Chinese  MUAC  Music-Academic 
CLST Classical Studies  MUEN  Music-Ensemble 
CMST Community Studies  MUPS  Music-Performance Studies 
COMP Computer Science  PHED  Physical Education 
EASN East Asian Studies  PHIL  Philosophy 
ECON Economics  PHYS  Physics 
EDUC Education  PMGT  Policy Management 
ENGL English  PORT  Portuguese 
ENST Environmental Studies  POSC  Political Science 
ERSC Earth Sciences  PSYC  Psychology 
FLST Film Studies  PUSP  Public Speaking 
FREN French  RELG  Religion 
GREK Greek  RUSS  Russian 
GRMN German  SCIE  Science 
HEBR Hebrew  SOCI  Sociology 
HEST Health Studies  SPAN  Spanish 
HIST History  SUST  Sustainability 
INBM Intl Business & Management  THDA  Theatre & Dance 
INST International Studies  WGST  Women's and Gender Studies 
ITAL Italian  WRPG  Writing Program 
JDST Judaic Studies     

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