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Academic Advising

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Disability Services

Jorja Waybrant
Assistant Director of Advising
Coordinator of Disability Services

Mailing Address:
Dickinson College
Disability Services
Biddle House
P.O. Box 1773
Carlisle, PA 17013-2896

Email: waybranj@dickinson.edu
Fax: 717-245-1618
TTY: 717-245-1786

Summer Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Mission Statement

Disability Services at Dickinson College seeks to ensure that all programs, services, and facilities are accessible to qualified students on a non-discriminatory basis. The office is committed to working with all eligible students with documented disabilities to provide reasonable accommodations in the academic or living environment. Disability Services facilitates the appropriate communication and information regarding students with disabilities and accessibility to faculty and the greater campus community.

Requests for Accommodations

The Coordinator for Disability Services at Dickinson College reviews all requests for accommodations with the understanding that each student's circumstance is unique and that a flexible approach is the best way to determine appropriate accommodations for each situation. When a student requests accommodations, he/she must follow college policy for documenting a disability. Disclosure of a disability and requests for accommodations are made voluntarily by each student.

To request accommodations, a Disability Disclosure Form must be completed and submitted with appropriate documentation to the Coordinator of Disability Services before accommodation requests will be considered. The Coordinator reviews all documentation to determine if the information submitted meets the college's guidelines and substantiates the existence of a current disability. If this information is insufficient, it is possible that the Coordinator will request additional documentation before a decision can be made.

Handbook for Students with Disabilities

A Handbook for Students with Disabilities is available online and in hardcopy. The Handbook outlines issues of disabilities and legislation that guide colleges in serving students in post-secondary education. The Handbook also provides information about the process for requesting and receiving accommodations at Dickinson College in addition to information about the array of services available for our students with and without disabilities. Please take a few moments to read through the Handbook for Students with Disabilities.

Requests for a Housing Accommodation Based on a Medical, Psychological or Disability-Related Need

There are various ways to have a housing request honored at Dickinson College.  Requests may be disability-related or non-disability-related.  Requests for accommodations in housing based on a medical, psychological or disability-related nature are to be made by completing the form titled "Housing Requests Based on Medical, Psychological or Disability Needs." Disability-related requests must be supported by documentation meeting the college’s guidelines and are to be submitted to the Coordinator of Disability Services.  Non-disability-related requests for medical conditions or psychological conditions should be submitted to Health Services or the Counseling Center respectively.  Please refer to the housing form for further directions in making a request for housing accommodations and submitting appropriate documentation.

Meal Plan Accommodation/Exemption Request Based on a Documented Health Condition

Requests for accommodations/exemptions in the meal plan based on a medical disability are to be made by completing the form "Meal Plan Accommodation/Exemption Request Based on a Documented Health Condition." Please contact the Health Center at 717-245-1835 for the form and further information in making a request for a meal plan accommodation and submitting appropriate documentation.

Disabilities and Global Education

Two legislative mandates that govern disabilities in higher education within the United States are the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These mandates do not extend beyond U.S. borders. Students with disabilities who are planning to study abroad should consult with the Coordinator of Disability Services at Dickinson College to discuss their disability-related needs. If you are planning to study abroad, consultation with the Coordinator of Disability Services is especially important for students who use accommodations in the academic or living environment, and for students who are currently prescribed medications.

Resources available to students with disabilities

Dickinson College offers a variety of academic support resources for all students enrolled at the college. Although the academic support system for a student with a disability is the same as the academic resources available for all students on campus, students with documented disabilities are especially encouraged to meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss their accommodation requests and learn how to access the array of services offered at the college.

Some of these resources are available through Academic Advising, such as workshops and individualized one-on-one instruction with a learning specialist to assist students in developing time management and organizational skills, studying skills, test-taking strategies, reading, writing, and note-taking skills. Peer tutors are also available to assist students experiencing difficulty in their coursework. For additional information on the resources available on campus for students with disabilities, please see the following quick links:



Disability Services
Dickinson College
P. O. Box 1773, Carlisle, PA 17013-2896