Course Title: African-American Lives, History, and Social Change


Weeks 2-5


T, Th: 1-4


Texts: Takaki, A Different Mirror

Griffin, >Who Set You Flowin=?=

 Kelley, Race Rebels, 1-102

            Stuckey, Going Through the Storm, Chapters 1, 13, 14.

             DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6

              Litwack, Trouble in Mind, Chapters 3,6.

   Dittmer, Local People: the Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi

              Transcripts, Delta Oral History Project, American Mosaic Steelton, 1996

   Films: Eyes on the Prize

                           The Great Depression

                           Freedom on My Mind

    Wild Women Don=t Get the Blues

                            The Good Fight

                             Seeing Red


Week 2: American Slavery and Freedom

               Stuckey, Ch 13, AToward A History of Blacks in North America,@ 239-264.

       Ch 1, AThrough the Prism of Folklore: The Black Ethos in Slavery,@ p 3-18

                Takaki, Chapters 2, 3, 5, & 6

    Litwack, Chapter 6

                (Plus Fulop & Raboteau chapter on The Creation of an African-American Culture, by Levine? You Have This, Susan?)

    Films: AFamily Across the Sea,@

                           AThe Irish in America@


Topics: The Origins of American Slavery

             The Slave Trade and the growth of staple-crop production (tobacco, indigo, rice, cotton)

  The Creation of an African-American Culture & Religion

                         The American Revolution and the Civil War: Possibilities of Liberty?

                          Reconstruction and Athe Nadir@: 1877-1930: Lynching as Social Control


Week 3: African American Movements: 1880-1945

   Litwack, Chapter 3

               Takaki, CH 13, 14

                Griffin, Entire book

                 Kelley, Chapter 1, 2, 6

                 Films: AWild Women Don=t Get the Blues,@

                             AThe Good Fight,@ (Spanish Civil WarBclips)

                  AThe Great Depression,@BAMean Things Happening in the Land@

Topics: Hard Times in the South: Poverty, Sharecropping, White Violence

                         Migration North and the Nationalization of Black Culture

                          World War I and the Red Summer of 1919

  The Harlem Renaissance & Black Popular Culture

   Organizing for Protest: the NAACP, Urban League, Garveyism, and      Communism

              World War II and the renewed promise of Democracy; the contradictory lessons of military service




Week IV: The Cold War, McCarthyism, and the emergence of a Southern Civil Rights Movement, 1946-1960

Dittmer, Ch 1-5

Baldwin, The Fire Next Time (Entire book)

                        Transcripts: Bob Love, Jack Harper, Juanita Scott

                         Films: ASeeing Red@ (segment)

              AEyes on the Prize,@ Beginnings: 1950s, Emmett Till lynching, Montgomery Bus     Boycott,

 Topics: The Cold War & McCarthyism: A New National Security Mandate 

                          The Brown Decision, and Southern Reaction

                           The Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the Desegregation of Central High School

                           The Emmett Till Lynching

   Black communities in the North: Baldwin=s ACities of Destruction@ and the Nation of Islam


Week V: The Southern Student and Community Movements, 1960-1968

      Stuckey, AGoing Through the Storm: The Great Singing Movements of the 1960s@ 

                  Dittmer, Ch. 6, 10, 11-12

                  Film: AFreedom on My Mind,@

                            AEyes on the Prize,@B1967-1968

                  Transcripts: Delta and Steelton: Reading, Distilling, Performing


       Topics: The Movement in the South, 1960-1968

                                The War on Poverty and Rebellions in the north

                                 Change and Resistance

                                 African Americans, White kids and Vietnam

                                 1968: The Dream Explodes


Paper I: Analysis and comparison of transcripts and voices: African American lives, work, & politics, South and North