Mill Culture

"In the mill there's a culture out there...not only an ethnic go to Walmart or some place like that, you're never going to see the things you see in there. I mean, you're dealing with different products and a different history...where your families came from, you know. But it's been an that I'd never give up...sometimes it's tough, you know, but it's an experience that you can never duplicate." --Greg Reese, African-American Steelworker

"I'll tell ya, from '52 to '60, it was a pleasure to work there. We had guys that would be on the job and he would cook a meal. We had as good a meal as any chefs in the world...Stew, turkey, chicken, deer, steaks, fish, shrimp, anything you'd want. We'd use regular plates and set up a table. Potatoes, dessert, everything." Ed Breach Sr., retired Steelworker

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