James Ellison
Associate Professor of Anthropology. PhD University of Florida, on sabbatical 2009-2010
His research interests include historical ethnography, colonialism and culture, postcolonial situations, translation and power, and the history of anthropology. He conducts research in eastern Africa, focusing mainly on Tanzania and Ethiopia.
Phone: (717) 245-1902
E-mail: ellisonj@dickinson.edu
FAX: (717) 245-1479

Kjell Enge
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D., Boston University
Areas of specialization include ecological anthropology, comparative medical systems, reproductive health, political economy, agrarian systems, field methods, statistical analysis, and the application of anthropology to human problems. He has done research and teaching in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru.
Phone: (717) 245-1207
FAX: (717) 245-1479

Ann Maxwell Hill
Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D., University of Illinois, on sabbatical Fall 2009
She conducts research in southwest China with the Yi ethnic group.  In the past she has done research as a Fulbright scholar in northern Thailand.  Making connections between these two border areas is reflected in her teaching.  Prof. Hill has published on ethnic identity, kinship, feuding, slavery, and Chinese popular religion.  Her current interests are in the hazards of translation and developing new perspectives on non-state societies.

Phone: (717) 245-1659
FAX: (717) 245-1479

Heather Merrill
Associate Professor of Geography Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, on leave 2009-10
Her areas of interests and specialization include urban and cultural geography, race, gender, migration, postcolonial theory, anti-racist and inter-ethnic feminism, culture and politics, Italy, Western Europe, and the African diaspora.
FAX: (717) 245-1479

Sarah Sherwood

Assistant Professor of Archaeology  Ph.D., University of Tennessee

She conducts archaeological research in the Southeastern US on the Cumberland Plateau and in the Tennessee River Valley . This research has included cave and rock shelter excavations and survey for nearly 20 years focusing on questions of Early Holocene (Paleoindian and Archaic Period) occupations, landscape change and most recently the development of early agriculture in the region. Sherwood also specializes in Geoarchaeology, studying sediments, soils, and stratigraphy in the context of archaeological sites. Currently this research focuses on the construction of various types of earthworks (primarily mounds) in the Southeastern US and the complex anthropogenic stratigraphy of Tell sites in the Balkans.

Phone:  (717) 245-1923

E-mail:  sherwood@dickinson.edu

FAX:  (717) 245-1479

Karen Weinstein, Chair
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D. University of Florida
Areas of specialization focus on human and nonhuman primate skeletal biology and human evolution. In particular, she identifies skeletal responses to different environments, including high altitudes and cold climates in human groups from the Andes and in macaque species from different regions in Asia.
Phone: (717) 245-1281
FAX: (717) 245-1479


Jessica Westin

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology Ph.D., University of Michigan

Phone:  (717) 254-8141

E-mail:  westinj@dickinson.edu

FAX:  (717) 245-1479