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Heather is currently a junior at Dickinson College, where she is a double major in Biology and Anthropology. She graduated in 1997 from Reading High School in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her career interest is in the medical field, which is what drew her to her topic while she was in Cameroon, "Maternal Education and it's Effect on the High Infant/Childhood Mortality Rate in Cameroon." She is also drawn to children, hence her research, and is considering Pediatrics as one possible career path.

-Heather Lantz

The Effects of Maternal Education on the Infant/Childhood Mortality Rate in South-West Cameroon

Given its geographical location, the South-West Province of Cameroon offered a optimal setting for research concerning the socio-economic factors of Cameroon's high infant and childhood mortality rate. Such research was necessary to determine the foremost method in decreasing both mortality rates. In a process which included interviewing a variety of professionals and mothers in the Limbe region of Cameroon, it was determined that the education of mothers concerning pre-natal and post-natal care, specifically in preventative and curative methods of Malaria and Amoebic Dysentery would be most beneficial. These two illnesses were chosen because of their high contribution to the death toll of infants and children in West Africa.