Sample of Recent
Student Research Topics

    Senior Theses, 2006

  • "The Government Does Not Care About Us": Tanzanian Structural Adjustment Programs and Their Effects on Rungwe Smallholding Farmers and Their Lands

  • Inference of Heath and Diet of the Akhmim Population Based on Analysis of CT Scans of Egyptian Mummies

  • The Role of Women in Tanzania's Village Society

  • The Delicate Balance of Religion and Evolution in America

  • The Answer to Creating Sustainable Agriculture in Tropical Environments

  • College Students' Differential Access to Food: A Comparison of Off-Campus/On-Campus Food Consumption Choices

  • Something to Talk About: Communication with Our Closest Relatives

  • The Conservation Biology of Nonhuman Primates in SW Tanzania

  • Gentrification in Lower East Harlem: Issues of Community, Agency and Public Assistance

  • Bosnian Refugee Voices in Carlisle PA

  • International Funding and Medical Needs of Rural Tanzanian Households

    Senior Theses, 2005

  • Folk Remedies and African American Society

  • A History of Curanderisimo and Mexican American Folk Medicine

  • Racist Imagery and Modern Athletes

  • Ex-Combatants and Disarmament, Demobilization, Rehabilitation Programs

  • The Role of Forensic Anthropology within the Legal World

  • Hospital Births vs Home Births: Women's Feelings About Safety, Risk and Technology in Birth

  • NGOs: An Analysis of the Systems of International Aid and Development

  • Rastafari: A 20th Century Millenarian Movement

  • Military Benefits and Continued Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Vietnam Veterans

  • On Evolution and Education

  • Elderly Health Care Issues: Home Care Vs. Nursing Home Care

    Senior Theses, 2004

  • A Woman in a Man's Place: An Exploration of the American Tavern as a Quasi-Public Male Space

  • Organizing for Change: Culture Context, Women's Human Rights and Transnational Feminism in Yaounde, Cameroon

  • Tattooing and Women: American Beauty, Monster Beauty or Lack of Beauty?

  • Gender and Mexican Migration: Women who Stay Behind

  • Aquaculture: A Solution to Overfishing in the Chesapeake Bay

  • Contemporary French Nationalism and Prejudice

  • St. Edmunds Society: Community or Ghetto? An Intimate Portrait of the Experiences of Homeless Young Adults in Norwich, England

  • "School is Very Important to Us!" An Exploration of Girls' Education in Cameroon as a Developmental Imperative

  • Human Endogenous Retroviruses: A Molecular Approach to Understanding Genomic Expression and Evolution

  • Treating Teenage Pregnancy in Northwest Cameroon: Framing and Problems

  • Assessment of the Socio-Economic and Ecological Viability of Community-Based Ecotourism Ventures in the Kitengela Swamp and Munjiriri Riparian Woodland

    Papers Generated in the Tanzania Field School, Summer 2005

  • "To Be the Best and Achieve the Best in the Country": Lutengano Secondary School, An Institution under the Moravian Church in the Southern Province of Tanzania

  • The Changing Lives of Women in Kibatata Village

  • Lange Management and Primate Conversation: A Study of Indigenous Knowledge in the Rungwe District, Tanzania

  • Economic Diversification in Southwest Tanzania Requires Reducing Time and Energy Spent Acquiring Firewood and Water

  • The Importance of Democracy and Civil Society for International Financial Institution (IFI) Lending

  • The Myth of the Model: A Closer Look at Environmental Critiques of Structural Adjustment Programs within the Agricultural Context of Rungwe District, Tanzania

  • The Influence of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Challenges, Limitations, and Successes of Healthcare in Tanzania: Teaching a Man to Fish Vs. Giving Him a Fish