Mission Statement

The mission of the Campus Life program at Dickinson College is to aid students as they develop communities of inquiry, respect civility in discourse and actions, and develop a global sensitivity. We will also help create the conditions wherein students may develop a lifelong affiliation with Dickinson and other students, build upon the concepts presented in the classroom, and seek connections among people, ideas, and disciplines.

It is our vision to be recognized for excellence.  Our work will serve as an example of how to fulfill the mission of Dickinson College. We will be a staff that is inclusive, cohesive, and demonstrate an awareness and appreciation for diversity. Additionally, our work will be recognized internally and externally for excellence in programming, policy, and use of technology. Assessment will be on-going and central to our efforts.

Diversity Statement

The Office of Campus Life is an active participant in establishing an environment in the residence halls that fosters the freedom of inquiry and action, as well as a respect for diversity.  Programs, policies, and procedures reflect the importance and acceptance of diversity.  As educators, the Campus Life staff members will be purposeful in supporting and challenging students to understand themselves and other members of their community.

Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013