The Dickinson Chimaera Club

Classics, Archaeology & All Things Ancient

If it's old, we're intrigued, if it's dead, captivated!

Events and Acitivies: 2008-2009

On January 10th, 2009, Dickinson College's Chimaera Club participated in the 9th Annual Archaeology Fair hosted by the Archaeological Institute of America. The fair was held in Philadelphia, PA, and gave hundreds of local families a chance to learn about ancient life through fun and games. The Chimaera Club's booth was called "Minoan Seals and Roman Wreaths of Glory" and the children got to try making both the seals and wreaths themselves. The Dickinson students who ran the table for the afternoon included: Diane Evitts, Elizabeth Parker, Kristin Fanciullacci, Laura Takakjy, Brendan Boston, and Camille Sogin. (link to photos)

-Lizzy Parker

For more information or to join contact:
Diane Evitts , President

Lizzy Parker, Vice President
Matt Morowitz , Secretary
Brendan Boston , Treasurer
Margaret Staudter, Historian
Kristin Fanciullacci, Webmaster

Constitution: Be it known that this organization grew out of a group of students wishing to further the interests of Classics and Archaeology on campus. Therefore, we, the members of the Chimaera Club, in order to further the spirit of cooperation and good will among the members of interested departments and to stimulate interest in the study of classics, archaeology, and those disciplines that fall within that scope, do ordain and adopt this Constitution.

Purposes: a) to develop and promote interest in classical and archaeological study among the students of Dickinson College; b) to promote closer relationships among students who are interested in classical and archaeological study; c) to engage generally in an effort to stimulate knowledge of classical and archaeological subjects.