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What We Do

The Office of Media Relations is the source of information about Dickinson for the public and the media. We publicize events that are open to the public and work with newspapers, magazines and broadcast media to generate stories featuring the college's faculty and staff, programs, and activities. The office responds to requests from reporters for experts on a variety of subjects and for the college's viewpoint on major issues facing higher education.

Contact Us

E-mail: media@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717)-245-1289 or 717-254-8995
Fax: (717)-245-1457


The Media Relations Office publishes:

Any college organization, student, staff or faculty member can request publicity for an event by contacting our office. Items for The Compass can be submitted using our online form.

The Office also maintains an Experts Guide on our Web site which includes faculty and staff members whose areas of expertise may be of interest to the public and the media. (If you are modest and do not want to call yourself an "expert", contact our office and we'll explain why we need you and why you'll impress any reporter.)

Faculty and staff who would like to be listed in our guide can use this online form.

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