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English 404 Thesis Format

  1. The final draft of the senior thesis:
    1. Should be no shorter than 35 pages and no longer than 50 pages NOT including apparatus: works cited, foreword, preface, etc. in 12-point Times New Roman typeface with 1" margins.
    2. Should correctly follow MLA format, including the works cited pages.
  2. Students should submit three copies of their final paper:
    1. One final copy for grading and marking by the instructor by the Friday of the 12th week of classes. This copy should be double sided and given directly to the instructor. Failure to meet this deadline will normally result in failure of the course.
    2. One copy left unbound on acid-free paper for the college archives for permanent retention by the last day of classes. This copy of the paper should be double sided and printed out on acid-free paper to ensure its longevity. This copy should be left unbound and placed in an individual envelope or folder.
    3. One “velobind” copy (by the Print Center) to be housed in the English department by the last day of classes. This copy of the paper should be double sided and velobound by the Print Center. You may choose a colored cover sheet for the front and back cover page.
  3. All three copies should be fully paginated, including any forewords, prefaces, appendices, and bibliographies.
  4. The title page of all three copies of the paper should include full title, author, date of submission, and the name of the 404 instructor.
  5. The copy for grading and marking should be given directly to the instructor (again, by Friday of the 12th week of classes).
  6. The unbound copy for the archives and the bound copy for the English department must be submitted to the English department academic coordinator by 2 p.m. the last day of classes. Students who do not submit a copy will not have their grade submitted to the Registrar.
  7. Grades for English 404 will not be submitted until ALL copies of your 404 paper are received.

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