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Searching the Senior Experience

To search for senior theses in the Waidner-Spahr Library, click here.

Search the Library's Catalog in one of the following ways:

General Search

For a complete list of English Senior Theses, go to the Library Catalog, type "English Senior Thesis" in the "all fields" category. This will bring up a complete list of currently held senior theses, with the 1999 titles heading the list. Note one must type "thesis" (singular), and not "theses" (plural).

For narrower, more specific searches, try one of the following options:

Search by professor: Key in "English Senior Thesis" in the "all fields " category and add the professor's name: e.g. type "Senior English Thesis Moffat." This will pull up a complete list of theses written under Professor Moffat's direction.

Search by title or author: If you know either the author or title of the thesis, narrow the search by adding either the author or the title in the respective fields. Key in "English Senior Thesis" in the "all fields" category and either the author's name in the "Author" field or a keyword of the title in the "Title" field.

Search by year of publication: With any of the above search strategies you can narrow the search further by publication date. Employ any of the above approaches, but add the publication date of the thesis (the year in which it was completed for a grade) in the "pubyear" field at the bottom of the searching mode. Note: do not type in the publication date in the "all fields " category. It will yield nothing.

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