Alumni Jobs

In April 2003, the English department updated our review of the careers of all our majors who have graduated since 1958--2694 people. English has been a strong major for at least the last 50 years; about 12% of all alumni from the college hold an English degree. We are impressed by the wide range of productive work undertaken by majors. Most of our alumni are "word workers" in occupations from attorney and teacher to writer and psychiatrist. The
tangible evidence of our alumni's working lives proves that there's literally nothing Dickinson English majors can't go on to do, and do well.


A partial selection of job descriptions for Dickinson English majors Alumni:

accountant, architect, airline pilot, attorney, biologist, clergy, coach, college/university administrator, editor, publisher, actor, artist, geologist, insurance agent, judge, police officer, librarian, media executive, nurse, pharmacist, photographer, physician, psychologist, social worker, veterinarian, scientific researcher, writer, journalist, project Engineer, stockbroker, CEO, law clerk, Chairman of the Board, computer programmer, web designer, rock musician, dermatologist, director of athletics, developer, debate coach, database manager, director of alumni giving, sales manager, editorial cartoonist, exploitation geologist, general counsel, guidance counselor, innkeeper, health educator, information analyst, graphic designer, loan specialist, management consultant, math teacher, mineralogist, business journalist, newspaper reporter, nursery school teacher, ombudsman, piano consultant, fine arts dealer, process analyst, producer, prosecutor, psychotherapist, reading specialist, psychiatric social worker, public relations executive, realtor, reference librarian, school counselor, sales executive, ski instructor, sports writer, sports anchor, systems analyst, trial attorney, student, technical editor, training manager, vice president for hotel operations, volunteer, waitress, youth director.

And Professors of:

  • English
  • Psychology
  • German
  • History
  • Women's Studies
  • Medicine
  • Religion
  • Taxation
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Classics
  • Ceramics
  • Media Studies

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