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New English Faculty - Paul Gleed

by Shannon Kobran ’10

With the impending retirement of our Shakespeare and Film Studies professor David Kranz in 2009, we set out to find a new Shakespeare scholar to add to our ranks. The Dickinson College Department of English is pleased to welcome the newest addition to its faculty, Professor Paul Gleed, who will begin teaching classes in the Fall 2008 semester

Hailing originally from Portsmouth, England, Professor Gleed earned his First Class B.A. from Lancaster University. He then went on to complete his Ph.D. at The State University of New York at Buffalo and has taught at both SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Binghamton. At Dickinson, Professor Gleed will be teaching classes on Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, and Film Studies. He will be bringing a modern spin on Shakespearian studies at Dickinson, since his academic interests lie in what are called “presentist” approaches, how the plays function in our world today via stage, film, and also their modern cultural impact. In addition to his interest in English Renaissance drama, Professor Gleed also studies contemporary British culture, which he attributes to a subconscious attempt to keep in contact with his British background.

Professor Gleed is very excited to be teaching at Dickinson. He was chosen after an interview process during which Professor Gleed had to prepare and give a mock class to department faculty and students. “I think I felt even more nervous after the interview because of how much I had loved Dickinson,” says Professor Gleed. “It was all so completely perfect, so totally in tune with all the dreams and aspirations that had grown up in my mind while preparing for an academic career, I was terrified of it not working out.” After teaching large classes at institutions with up to forty-thousand students, Professor Gleed thrilled to be given the opportunity to teach smaller classes and really get to know his students. “I look forward to classes with less than thirty students.  When you have sixty students in one class, it’s difficult to remember everybody’s name, let alone give them the personalized educational experience that every student deserves.”

Professor Gleed is also excited about the level of freedom he has in choosing which classes to teach. “Not much seems to be mandated, demanded in the way of ‘you will teach this’ and ‘you will take that,’ so I hope to create new classes regularly and even, from time to time, explore entirely new territory,” he says. Professor Gleed plans to strengthen classes that he has taught previously, which focus primarily on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. He would also like to develop new courses in order to create fresh experiences for both himself and his students and is especially excited about explore subjects in film: Hitchcock, British Cinema, and Comic Film, to name a few.

When asked to summarize his expectations for teaching at Dickinson, Professor Gleed simply said, “I look forward very much to working with everyone, students and my new colleagues alike.  It really will be an enormous privilege.” We, too, are looking forward to having him.

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