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The Minor in Creative Writing

Please note that the minor in Creative Writing is distinct from a minor in English. It is a minor that can be taken along with any major. To get a minor in Creative Writing, a student must take:

Seven required courses for the creative writing minor. They are:

• Engl 218 (in genre of concentration)

• Two additional 200-level classes that focus on writing

• Engl 318 (in genre of concentration)

• Engl 339 (ideally in genre of concentration, but may be taken in other genre)

• One 300-level literature course

• Engl 418

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to officially declare the minor?
A: No. But it is to your advantage to do so. Declaring the minor gives you preference in admission to creative writing classes. To declare the minor, you must fill out the appropriate form in the registrar's office and make your intentions known to Professor Adrienne Su (

Q: How often will the required courses be offered?
A: All 200-level requirements are offered every semester. 300- and 400-level requirements will be offered at least once a year — not every semester.

Q: Can courses double-count for the English major and/or distribution requirements?
A: Yes. Talk to your advisor about which courses will double-count. Don't assume.

Q: What about study abroad? Can I transfer classes from other institutions?
A: Certain courses offered at the University of East Anglia, UK, can be counted as 218 or 318 workshop credit (Creative Writing Study Abroad handout for details). Courses taken at other institutions, abroad or domestically, must be approved in advance by Professor Su, Professor Perabo, or Professor Johnston.  To get a general sense of whether the course you are considering is appropriate, some guidelines are available here:

200-level creative-writing credit guidelines

300-level creative-writing credit guidelines

In every case, the final determination of credit is the decision of the faculty, so be sure to secure approval before you take the course.

Q: Can I take the 218 and the 318 simultaneously? Can I take 318 and 418 simultaneously?
A: No. No.

Q: If Engl 220 is not one of my additional 200-level courses, how do I get into Engl 339 and a 300-level literature course?
A: Since 300-level English courses ordinarily have a prerequisite of English 220, students who choose not to take 220 should consult the instructor for admission, and consider their own preparedness for the course before registering.

Q: Does 218 in one genre qualify as the prerequisite for 318 in another genre?
A: No.

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