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Sharon O'Brien, James Hope Caldwell Professor of American Cultures and Professor of English and American Studies. Ph.D., Harvard University. Her teaching specialty is American literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. Research interests include women writers, popular culture, feminist theory, and the relationship between literature and society. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1985-86.
Email: obrien@dickinson.edu
Office: Denny Hall 201
Telephone: 717.245.1497
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Thomas L. Reed, Jr., Professor of English Literature. Ph.D., University of Virginia. His field is medieval literature, with special emphasis on Chaucer and Marie de France, a 12th-century Anglo-Norman author. He is currently focussing his research on Marie de France's concern with the limits of human communication. He is also increasingly interested in the relationship between various versions of the Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde legends in both literature and film. Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 1997-98.
Email: reedt@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 306
Telephone: 717.245.1216
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Robert P. Winston, Professor of English. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison. He specializes in American literature before 1914, especially the development of the early American novel. His current research focuses on the relationships between popular literatures and national cultures.
Email: winston@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 401
Telephone: 717.245.1363
Hours: TBA and by appt.

B. Ashton Nichols, The John J. Curley '60 and Ann Conser Curley '63 Faculty Chair and Professor of English Language and Literature. Ph.D., University of Virginia. His fields include 19th-century British literature and postcolonial literature, with special emphasis on Romantic and Victorian poetry. He also teaches courses on nature writing. His current research focuses on Romantic natural history, 1750-1850. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, 1992-93. Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 1993-94. (On Sabbatical 2005-2006)
Email: nicholsa@dickinson.edu
Hours: On Sabbatical 2005-2006

David L. Kranz, Professor of English and Coordinator of Film Studies. Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley. His scholarship focuses on Shakespeare, in particular the playwright's representation of classical Rome and manipulation of audience. Other interests include psychological criticism, modern cinema, and Renaissance studies.
Email: kranz@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 307
Telephone: 717.245.1219
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Robert D. Ness, Chair. Associate Professor of English and Coordinator of the Dickinson Program in Yaounde, Cameroon. Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He teaches restoration and 18th century English literature, linguistics, and African and Commonwealth literatures. His research interests focus upon literature, politics, music, and other arts during the first half of the 18th century in England.
Email: ness@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 311
Telephone: 717.245.1064
Hours: TBA and by appt.

K. Wendy Moffat, Associate Professor of English.  Ph.D., Yale University. She teaches modern British and Irish fiction, 19th-century British literature, and literary and narrative theory. She is writing a gay cultural biography of the British novelist E.M. Forster. Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 1994-95. (On Sabbatical 2005-2006)
Email: moffat@dickinson.edu
Hours: On Sabbatical 2005-2006

Sharon M. Stockton, Associate Professor of English. Ph.D., University of Washington. Her primary fields are contemporary literature and contemporary critical and rhetorical theory. Specific research interests include the modern to post-modern transition, Chicano/Latino literature, science and literature, and cultural criticism and theory.
Email: stockton@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 403
Telephone: 717.245.1498
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Carol Ann Johnston, Martha Porter Sellers Chair of Rhetoric and the English Language and Associate Professor of English. Ph.D., Harvard University. Her teaching interests include literature of the English Renaissance, lyric poetry, and Southern Women Writers. Her current research investigates the relationship between words and images in 17th-century English poetry.
Email: johnston@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 409
Telephone: 717.245.1268
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Susan Perabo, Associate Professor of English. Writer in Residence. M.F.A., University of Arkansas. She teaches beginning and advanced workshops in fiction, as well as literature classes that focus heavily on form and technique. Primary interests include contemporary short-story, novel, and film.  Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching, 2001-2002.
Email: perabo@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 407
Telephone: 717.245.1847
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Judy Gill, Director of the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center, Instructor of English. M.A. Cornell University. Areas of interest include composition theory and pedagogy, writing across the curriculum, writing center theory and practice, and contemporary American literature. She regularly teaches course in the freshman seminar program, expository writing, creative nonfiction writing, tutor training, and contemporary fiction. Dickinson Academic Professional Award, 2000-2001.
Email: gill@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 410
Telephone: 717.245.1291
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Adrienne Su, Assistant Professor of English. Poet in Residence. University of Virginia, MFA. Her primary fields are Creative Writing Poetry, and the literature of food and culture. Email: sua@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 404
Telephone: 717.245.1346
TBA and by appt.

Victoria Sams, Assistant Professor of Modern Dramatic Literature.  Ph.D., UCLA.  Teaching interests include modern British and anglophone drama and postcolonial literature. Her current research focuses on immigration and post-war British theater, with an emphasis on its post-imperial identity politics. Other special interests include Caribbean literature and translation studies.
Email: samsv@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 310
Telephone: 717.245.1139
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Lynn Johnson, Instructor in English (2004). B.A., Salisbury University, 1996; M.A., Temple University, 1998. Her research interests are in 19th- and early 20th-century American Literature, African-American Literature, and African Aesthetics. She is currently writing her dissertation, "Traumas of the Middle Passage: The Foundations of Narrative and Political Discourse in Nineteenth-Century African-American Literature."
Email: johnsoly@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 309
Telephone: 717.245.1394
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Joshua Kupetz ’96, Visiting Instructor in English. M.F.A., Columbia University. He earned his Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Columbia University in 1998 and his Bachelor of Arts in English from Dickinson College in 1996. His primary interests include modern poetry and fiction, especially the work of Denis Johnson, Cormac McCarthy, and the Beat Generation.
Email: kupetzj@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 408
Telephone: 717.245.1499
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Sha'an Chilson, Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Director of Writing. M.F.A., University of Arkansas. She writes poetry and non-fiction, and has taught classes in poetry, nonfiction, and drama.
Email: chilson@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 308
Telephone: 717.245.1116
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Darrach Dolan, Adjunct Instructor in English. Darrach Dolan is a fiction writer who received his BA from Trinity College, Dublin and his MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Darrach is interested in contemporary fiction, post-colonial writing, and the writer as reluctant outsider.
Email: doland@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 203B
Telephone: 717.254.8952
Hours: TBA and by appt.

Academic Support Staff

Kelly Winters-Fazio, English Department Staff Associate. She has been with the English department since September 1996 and employed at Dickinson College since July 1981.   Ms. Winters provides administrative support for 16 full-time faculty members and several part-time adjunct faculty members. She is also the webmaster for the English department's web sites.
Email: wintersk@dickinson.edu
Office: East College 400
Telephone: 717.245.1347
Hours: M — F / 8 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Ginny Maun, East College Housekeeper, has taken care of East College and the English department faculty since 1981. Ginny does a spectacular job maintaining the building's classrooms and offices.

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