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Course Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Studies

Numerous students pursue courses in other interdisciplinary majors and minors as well as the English major.

The American Studies department at Dickinson
n cooperation with participating departments, the American Studies department at Dickinson seeds to provide an innovative and coherent approach to the study of American culture.

The Film Studies minor at Dickinson
The Film Studies minor brings together film courses in many of Dickinson's departments. One of the College's distinctive features is the wide range of films from different countries and cultures taught across the curriculum—films of Germany, England, India, France, Spain, Latino cultures, and the Far East are all regularly screened. The political science, American studies, and sociology departments offer courses that take a critical perspective on issues of contemporary culture and the media.

The Creative Writing minor at Dickinson
The Creative Writing minor may be undertaken in conjunction with any major at the College; it is not an emphasis within the English major. Within the minor, students must select an area of concentration in either fiction or poetry.


An internship tests the practical applications of liberal learning in any of a variety of professional or occupational settings. This experience also provides a way to explore possible career choices while still in college. Detailed information about internships, advice in planning, and all necessary forms are available in the Dickinson College Career Center/Internships. Recent examples of Dickinson English major internships include:

Graduate School Placements

Recent English majors have enrolled in a wide range of institutions for graduate study:

Columbia University University of Pennsylvania University of Virginia New York University Syracuse University
Penn State University University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) University of Pittsburgh Rutgers University University of Texas (Austin)
University of Massachusetts Boston University University of Maryland The Julliard School Jefferson Medical College
University of East Anglia George Washington Villanova University University of Rochester

They have studied fields as diverse as English • Law • Medicine • Business • Counseling • Elementary • Secondary, and Special Education • Publication Design • Arts Administration • Play writing • Theology • Occupational Therapy • Music • Library Science • History • Environmental Science • Public Relations • Sports Medicine • Social Work

Career Directions

Because our graduates know how to learn to read and write effectively, they flourish in a variety of professions and vocations: they become writers and bankers, teachers and politicians, lawyers and environmentalists, journalists and college professors, homemakers and world travelers. Perhaps most important, they have the power to lead reflective, examined lives. Long after the last paper is written and course credit recorded, reading and writing keeps giving our graduates the imaginative space that Thoreau found at Walden--the space where, in his words, he learned how "to live deliberately." The Career Center provides a full range of career information and assistance to all students including career and graduate school advising, field experience and internship programs, recruiting, and volunteer programs. Students are encouraged to visit the Career Center throughout their four years at Dickinson to take advantage of all the opportunities available. Alumni may use most of the services as well. Check out the Dickinson College Career Center web site.

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