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Kimberly Bagdis is a Theatre Arts major. She is secretary for the Fencing Club and is an active member of the Mermaid Players. When not fencing or in the theatre, she can usually be found with her nose in a good book, even when walking, which occasionally leads her to crash into things.

Sarah Blumenstock is an English major. She hopes to study abroad in England her junior year. She loves singing and can usually be found belting out Motown or Disney songs (much to the embarrassment of her friends). Her DVD collection includes Shrek, Friends, Disney and all the Ninja Turtle movies. She is a sucker for a good romance novel and could probably recite Gone with the Wind line by line.

Holly Bowers is a sophomore English major and prospective history major. She is also the opinions editor for the Dickinsonian and plays flute in the orchestra and student wind quintet. Holly loves traveling and hopes to spend her junior year studying abroad in England. Her idea of a perfect day involves a good book and a bag of peanut M&Ms.

Kenzie Bryant is a junior English major from Richmond, VA. She is the managing and layout editor of Dickinson's alternative monthly, the Square, and plans to spend her next semester in Chile. She also plans to learn Spanish at some point.

Tom Carey is a junior from Havertown, PA. He is a Political Science major and member of College Democrats. He is also a lifelong Phillies fan.

Ellie Cutler is a junior English major, Creative Writing and Education double minor from Ithaca, NY. She is the Co-President of Belles Lettres Literary Society, a Student Supervisor in the Cafeteria and a member of the Liberty Caps Society. She hopes soon to become an English and Creative Writing teacher, where she can inspire thousands of children to become slaves to books, just like her! She enjoys long walks on the beach, good books, and mind-boggling 403 debates.

Tyler Derreth is a junior English major who saves lives. He wants to go to college for the rest of his life as a professor. When he sweats, he exudes the smell of books. Knowledge excites him!

Tristan Deveney is a senior English major from York, PA. On campus he is involved in Belles Lettres, the Astronomy Club, the Union of Hermits, the Professional Organization of English Majors (P.O.E.M.), the Consortium for People Who Understand Nerdy NPR References, and the Society for Awkwardly Writing Miniature Autobiographies in the Third Person, Witty Acronym Sadly Lacking (S.A.W.M.A.T.P.W.A.S.L.). Please bring him food.

Gwen Dunnington is a senior from Charlottesville, VA, who hopes that her Geology major will lead her to a job that involves traversing a lot of beautiful wild places and figuring out how to protect them. She just returned from a semester studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand, and is looking forward to getting back to a-cappella singing with the Infernos, ultimate frisbee, and the Writing Center.

George Fitting senior English major from Salisbury, CT.

Mary Kate Flannery is an senior English major from Plainfield, NJ. She is a member of the softball team and a Writing Center tutor. MKF loves animal crackers and following her teams...the Giants and Yankees. She enjoys cooking, baking and knitting. Someday this little Irish Catholic would love to have a large family with at least 8 children.

Chad Frazier is a senior History and Law & Policy double-major from Grand Junction, CO. He has worked in the Writing Center since his sophomore year, although he spent last year in Norwich with Dickinson's study abroad program at UEA. Outside the Writing Center, Chad works as a teaching assistant (TA) with the Humanities Collective and is a member of the Student Senate. His interests include English literature, European & American history, constitutional law, ethics, self-inflicted insomnia, irony, caffeinated beverages, and Chicago-style hot dogs.

Cole Glennon is an junior Econ major from Stowe, PA. He is a linebacker known for his six pack abs.

Erin Gold is a sophomore International Studies from Ann Arbor, MI. Consequently, she is a diehard Michigan football fan who is extremely confident about this season. Two of Erin's favorite things are coffee (it makes the world go round) and traveling. She is looking forward to spending next year abroad in Cairo, Egypt and Bremen, Germany. Erin always loves a good joke and appreciates anyone who can make her laugh.

Chris Gross is an English and Spanish double major. His DVD player can usually be found cycling through the three seasons of Arrested Development, a show that he believes is far superior to The Office. When he's not swamped with work, Chris enjoys having good conversations with his friends, napping, and maintaining his status as a Guitar Hero.

Shannyn Kobran is a senior English major, Creative Writing and French minor. She spent a fantastic junior year abroad in Norwich, England. Yet the joyous life of an expat compelled her to make one grievous concession: she was forced to abandon her greatest grammatical ally, the Oxford comma. Thankfully she has emerged from this tragedy with an even stronger conviction that the serial comma is an essential component in sentence clarity, and she will continue to enforce its use with militant determination.

Anna Krenkel is a sophomore political science major from St. Paul, Minnesota. At Dickinson she is involved with the Swing Dance Club and serves as vice president of the College Democrats. During her free time she enjoys eating good food, traveling, and spending time with friends, preferably all at the same time.

Brian Krusell is a junior International Studies and Economics double major here at Dickinson. He calls Newington, CT his home, but dreams of studying and living abroad in the future. He is a dedicated team member of the highly successful cross country and track teams and is frequently caught sporting far too athletic clothing around campus.

Paul LeFrancois is a prospective Philosophy major from Derry, New Hamphire (rural like Carlisle, buth with fewer cows). He is a member of the cross-country and track teams at the college. Seeking something witty to say, but without the foggiest as to what that might be, he chooses instead to quote J.D. Salinger: "You're lucky if you get time to sneeze in this goddam phenomenal world...At least I'm still in love with Yorick's skull. At least I always have time enough to stay in love with Yorick's skull."

Mikey Lenane is a sophomore from West Coxsackie, NY.

Lizzie Lewis is a senior Biology and Russian History double major from Columbus, Ohio, studying to become a Conservation Marine Biologist. She is a major Buckeye football fan, and also enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee with the Jive Turkeys.

Kaitlin Lilienthal is a sophomore English and Psychology double major from Bel Air, MD. You will probably think she has a terrible Baltimore accent. She loves baking, napping, crime dramas, and plaid and dislikes rain and people who talk in the library.

Brooke Marlin is a senior and spent her last semester in Queretaro, Mexico. She is a Sociology Major/Women's Studies Minor and is working for the second semester at the Writing Center. Since Brooke loves reading and writing so much, she also works at the Whistlestop Bookshop on High St. Brooke has two pet frogs, Napolean and Maria, and loves watching Sex and the City with her roommate Grace.

Jordan McCord is a senior English major from Wooster, OH.

Christine Miller is a senior geology major and Vice President of the Dance Theater Group. She also enjoys reading, drawing, and participating in dance "happenings" that involve trashing the HUB, dancing in the trash, and then clearing it up.

Meredith Milnes is a junior English major from Amherst, N.H.

Amy Mitrano os a junior Biology major from Wilmette, IL.

Katie Monfet is a senior German and English double major, who just returned from a year in Bremen, Germany. She enjoys sarcasm, Fail Blog, and getting overly excited about mundane things. She dislikes mayonnaise, yellow crayons, and bad grammar. She dreams of setting up a tent and spending the remainder of the year camping out in the Writing Center. To her great dismay, this particular dream is frowned upon.

Kaity Moore is a member of the women's field hockey and lacrosse teams as well as a tutor in the Eberly Writing Center. Although she is not declared, she plans to major in International Business and Management and to minor in Spanish.

Erica Glenn Pitcairn is a junior majoring in Anthropology and Archaeology. Although the focus of her Archaeology major is anthropological, she takes Latin and has some experience with Classical Studies. She is also particularly interested in religion, gender studies, and English. Outside of classes, she enjoys drawing and dancing with Dickinson's Dance Theater Group.

Elyssa Prager is a senior chemistry major, student teaching at Boiling Springs High School this fall. She is the president of Kappa Delta Pi, the education honors society, and a member of other academic honor societies. She loves spending time outdoors, doing water sports, golfing, and playing tennis. She wants to teach in Florida after graduation.

Dan Reich is a plural individual. Though an English major, Dan enjoys music (making it and listening to it), reading, writing, running around, long conversations, and dinners by candlelight. Dan has been a tutor since the days of olde, when he was a young sophomore (back in 2007-2008) and a Computer Science major. Dan is from New Jersey.

Sarah Salisbury is a senior English major. She has been a Writing Center tutor since her sophomore year, but spent her junior year in Norwich, England. Sarah is a co-founder and co-president of the Literati, a member of the College Choir, and RA in Morgan Hall, and currently serves on the Senior Class Gift Drive committee. In her spare time, Sarah likes to pursue her interests in blueberry pancakes and sentimentality.

Allie Schaefer is a senior Spanish major with an education minor who will talk about languages and traveling for hours if allowed. She enjoys books, movies, photography on beautiful and not-so-beautiful days, and astronomy on clear evenings and nights (regardless of cold). She is also employed by the College farm and plays ultimate frisbee.

Mary Kate Skehan is a sophomore English major from York, PA. When she is not working at the Writing Center or the Carlisle Area Family Life Center, acting in her capacities as secretary of Mock Trial and Newman Club, serving on the Bonner Leadership Team, attending Student Advisory Committee meetings with the English Department, serving on the Student Conduct Committee, and going to class, she can probably be found sleeping or daydreaming about John Krasinski.

Allie Smith is a junior English major from Maine who is irrationally bothered by misplaced commas and apostrophes. She sings in the car and the shower, but not very well. She loves skiing and snow but hates being cold, and has an undying love for Reese's peanut butter cups. She enjoys lengthy, nonsensical conversations about nothing in particular.

Carey Stadnickis an English and Art History double major. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and is from Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Emily Stokes-Hallett is an English major with a double minor in Education and Creative Writing. She is also a member of the Belles Lettres Literary Society as well as a Resident Advisor.

Jessie Strasbaugh is an English and German double major.

Katie Walters is a sophomore Biology major from Lakeville, MA. She is a Bonner leader and an animal lover who works with therapy dogs.

Rachel Warzala is a sophomore English and Political Science major from Somerset, NJ. On campus she is a member of Orientation Committee and the Liberty Cap Society, as well as the Secretary for the class of 2011.

Samantha Weiner is a senior Religion major and a Philosophy minor. She is from Baltimore, MD and is hopefully going to write an honors thesis for the Religion department! She aspires to go to grad school to become a professor.

Amanda West is a junior Political Science major/History minor from Harleysville, PA. She plays on the field hockey and women's lacrosse teams at Dickinson. Amanda loves watching all sports, but holds a special place in her heart for the Phillies, the Eagles and, of course, the Red Devils.

Andre White is a junior Neuroscience major who is constantly attempting to achieve greatness.

Peter Wright is a (yet to be declared) history major from Denver, CO. He participates in Mock Trial and helps to run Fireside Chats. He thinks The Wire is the best television show of this decade and knows that the Broncos will someday rise again.

Megan Yarnall is a senior English major from Yardley, PA. After graduation she hopes to relocate to Italy.