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 Writing Center Waidner-Spahr Library, Main Level   
Director: Judy Gill   
Senior Administrative Assistant: Sally Nestor   
  Resources for Tutors  

The Writing Lab Newsletter contains articles on writing center practice, tutoring strategies, tutor training, and many other issues of interest to tutors and directors.

The Writing Center Journal publishes articles that examine issues and theories of interest to writing center professionals.

Praxis: A Writing Center Journal is an electronic journal that publishes articles by tutors and directors on writing center practice and administration.

The Dangling Modifier is a newsletter writting by and for writing center tutors.

Peer Centered is a blog for peer writing tutors to share ideas, experiences, and insights.

Dickinson College Tutor Handbook is a booklet containing policies, practices, and guidelines for Dickinson peer tutors.

ESL Tutoring Tips offers ten tips for conducting ESL tutorials (UNC).