About the Author

I am a Dickinson College senior environmental science major. My four years at Dickinson have been good for me. I decided to come to Dickinson after visiting the Carlisle area with my dad on numerous occasions. We would come to Carlisle even before I knew about Dickinson to fly-fish on the Letort Spring Run and the Yellow Breeches Creek. As a kid we would camp at the nearby state parks and during the day we would fish. My dad would give me instructions on how to keep my fly above the water and upstream from the fish. My parents were my introduction to nature and I have always been the one in the family that would turnover rocks to see what kinds of macro invertebrates made their homes among the bottom of the stream. I’ve enjoyed nature all my life and find it both intriguing and satisfying to learn about interactions among the natural world. I guess my interest in environmental science can be best summed up by a quote I recently read:

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."
Rachel Carson

The quote by Rachel Carson, for me, sums up all that is inspiring about nature. It is a place where your mind can be set free to wonder about the creation and meaning of existence for all life. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the stresses of life and much like my father am quick to pick up my fishing rod and head to the nearest creek. I do this when I feel the world has gotten the best of me and just need a break from complexities of life. Now I understand why my dad fished for so long even when he wasn’t catching anything. It wasn’t about the fish or how many he caught; it was about the simplicity of nature, the tranquility, and the solitaire. He has passed that vehicle to me and now at 22 years old I realize what it meant to him, fishing was his way of simplifying life, undoing the clutter of day to day worries. For me I chose a life in the environmental science field because nature is what soothes me. My first interest was always of freshwater ecology, but after being involved in this research for the Luce semester my interests have broadened. I spent a great deal of time understanding how landscapes are influenced by human activity and hope that the Luce program here at Dickinson will contribute to the cause in Louisiana. I’m sure it will!