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Rob Berns

This website was created by Robert Berns in Spring Semester (February through May) of 2005, at Dickinson College of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I created this website as a part of my Environmental Studies 406 Senior Seminar (Where the Rivers End: The Life and Death of Our Estuaries), which has been taught by Professor Candie Wilderman. I am an Environmental Studies Major and Economics Minor, and my interest lies particularly in the relationship between the environment and economics, and how it shapes government environmental policy. In addtion to the coursework I have done towards my degree, I have worked for the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring for three years at Dickinson, where I worked on anything from lab quality control to attending conferences to data entry. As a Senior, I interned for Pennsylvania Environmental Council of Harrisburg during the Fall 2004 semester, focusing on research for the various advocacy pieces that PEC has been working on. Also, I have been a member of the Environmental Studies Majors Committee for two years, and have participated in the exciting world of Intramural sports at Dickinson for all four years. I am an Eagle Scout, and my hometown at the time of this website's creation is Cranford, New Jersey.

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