There are many people whom I would like to thank for helping me in the process of doing research for and constructing this website. First, thank you to my professors, Candie Wilderman and Michael Heiman, for providing me with the opportunity to take on this project, for their feedback, for their help with research, and for providing me with the opportunity to leave a source of information that future students may find useful. Also, thank you to my fellow Senior Seminar classmates, for providing feedback and going through this process with me, in addition to the terrific experience of going to the Chesapeake Bay together, I had a great time. Thank you also to the staff at the Dickinson College Library who have helped me throughout this process, particularly Jeanette Gribble, who was extremely helpful in teaching me how to use Dreamweaver, the software with which I was able to construct this website. Thanks are in order as well to my parents, who have been supportive and reassuring throughout my four years at college and before. Finally, thank you to anyone else with whom I discussed my project, because the more I was able to talk about what I was doing, the better it made me feel to see that my research interested other people.

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