Corporate Responsibility and the Louisiana Oil Industry
by Rob Berns

Map of Louisiana, Highlighting the Barataria-Terrebonne Watershed, an Area of Coastal Loss Concern
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I have chosen to focus my research on the concept of corporate responsibility and the oil industry in Louisiana. Corporate responsibility involves the ability of a company or an industry to be responsible to all of its stakeholders in goals of sustainability. In this definition, stakeholders does not merely include people who stand to profit from the corporation in question; instead, stakeholders include every party affected by the corporation in question, including shareholders, employees, local people, the environment, and many others (29). The concept of corporate responsibility, then , is a barometer for examining how well the oil industry works in conjunction with the world around it. By examining the various contexts I have listed below, you can decide whether or not you feel that the oil industry, which has been present in Louisiana for over a century, is conducting business with corporate responsibility in mind.


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Created May 1, 2005
Last Updated May 10, 2005