Watershed-Based Integrated Field Semester

"The Luce Semester"

Luce Independent Research

Students participating in the Watershed-based Integrated Field Semester engage in an independent research project for the equivalent of a full course. These projects are individually supervised by faculty members and are chosen from a list of topics suggested by local or regional community groups who are partnering with the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM). Students work closely with the partner groups to define the nature and scope of the project, and then present their results to the group in the form of a final paper and a public poster presentation event. Titles of independent projects from 2005, 2006 and 2007 are listed below. The topics are all interdisciplinary and all address a concern of a community group.

Requirements for the project include a research prospectus, a study design, literature review, original investigative research, analysis and interpretation of results, several draft papers, and a final paper. All work is reviewed by faculty and peers throughout the process. Papers are delivered to the constituent groups at the end of the semester and a poster session, open to the public, is held for dissemination of the results.


Luce Semester Independent Research Requirements

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Fall 2005 Research Topics

Emma Andrews '07 Planning, Use, and Public Outreach for the Conodoguinet Creek and Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trails
Kelly Brzezinski '06

Stream Salamanders as Biological Indicators in Shermans Creek Watershed, Perry County , Pennsylvania

Amanda Bridenhagen '06 Writing a Lesson Plan for Elementary School Students: Environmental Concerns Facing Codorus Creek
Brian Bytnar '06

Investigation of Native and Invasive Riparian Plant Species in the Siloam Dam Reclamation Area, Chambersburg , PA

Lily Cavenagh '06

Offshore Wind Farms: Policy and Public Support Challenges In Massachusetts , Virginia and the Gulf of Mexico

Alex Coyle '06 Analysis of Diesel Emissions in Middlesex Township , Cumberland Country, PA, And Potential Impact on Conodoguinet Creek
Greg Ellerman '07 Size Variation among Crayfish in the Conodoguinet Creek, Cumberland County , PA.
Stephanie Hair '07 A comparative analysis of the loads and compliance records of NPDES dischargers in the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed, Cumberland County , PA
Julia Hyman '06 Measuring the efficacy of a liming project in Mountain Creek, Cumberland County , PA.
Meghan Klasic '06 The Use of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) as a Bio-Indicator for Letort Spring Run, Cumberland County , PA
Scott Morello '06 An Exploratory Assessment of Bixler Run in Perry County , PA as a Current and Potential Trout Fishery
Sara Parr '06 Motivations for Volunteerism: A Town Creek and Sideling Hill Creek Watershed Case Study
Louisa Shakeri '08
Becki Walker '06 Turning to God in Times of Environmental Crisis: How Religion Can Play a Role in Impacted Communities' Response
Adam Wickline '06 Comparison of sampling methods and assessment protocols for benthic macroinvertebrate monitoring by volunteers

Fall 2006 Research Topics

Adrian Broderick '09 Environmental Mitigation for Stormwater Pollution due to Truck and Warehouse Location in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Brushart '07 Land Use in the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed: Past and Present
Sarah Brzezinski '09 Rapid Watershed Assessment of Trindle Spring Run, Cumberland County, PA, using habitat, macroinvertebrate, and chemical indicators
Cristina Cardona '07 Best Management Practices, Agriculture, and Macroinvertebrates in Mt. Rock Spring Creek.
Danielle Cioce '08 An Assessment of the Impacts of Two Point Dischargers on Mountain Creek, Adams and Cumberland Counties, Pennsylvania, Using Diatoms, Bacteria, and Water Chemistry as Indicators of Health
Karen Cruz '07 Local Government Response through Zoning and Planning to Truck Warehouse Location in Central PA
Audrey Fisher '07 An investigation of the culture of farming in Perry County and its implications for local environmental management
Kathryn Fox '07 The Making of Successful Watershed Organizations: Three Case Studies of Watershed Organizations in South-Central Pennsylvania
Jensen Gelfond '08 Legislative and Technological Solutions to Truck-Generated Diesel Particulate Pollution In Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Tara Goss '07 Assessing the Effect of Agricultural Best Management Practices on Habitat in the Mount Rock Creek Spring
Andrea Korman '09 A rapid assessment of the Mountain Creek watershed in Cumberland and Adams Counties, PA with a focus on macroinvertebrates as bioindicators of the impact of two point dischargers
Ellen Lewis '09 Flooding Mitigation through Zoning and Development Policies
Elly Schrang '09 The Effect of Best Management Practices on Water Chemisrty on Mount Rock Spring Creek in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Dario Vasquez '09 Ethnographic Perspectives of Farmers and the SCCA In the Shermans Creek Watershed

Ashley Whiting 08

A Biological and Chemical Assessment of Silver Springs in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA

Fall 2007 Research Topics

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Philip Rothrock '10 Environmental Response Capacity of Local Municipalities
Kristen Lee '10 Economic/Environmental Impact of Biofuels
Vinca Krajewski '10 Cumberland County Landfill
Atandi Anyona '10 Stakeholder Perception of Biofuels

Karen Kirner '08

Social Views of Biofuels Development
Jillian Herschlag '09 Impact of Growing Greener Grant Programs
Spring Beckhorn 08' Residential Stormwater Behavior Analysis
Benson Ansell '10 and Benjamin Martinez '08 Farmer Ethnographies
Katherine Consroe '09 and Amanda McBride '09 Mully Grub Wetland Assessment
Kalyn Campbell '10 and Nichole Fernandez '09 Pre-Dam Removal Monitoring
Susannah Rowe '08 and Elizabeth Zido '09 Water Quality Impacts of New Regulations for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Lisa Biddle '08 and Danielle Hoffman '10 Community Involvement Related to Stormwater Management at Two Retail Developments
Maunette Watson '10 An Assessment of the Impact of the Huntsdale Fish Hatchery on the Yellow Breeches Creek, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Ryan Miller '10 Effects of Stormwater Runoff from Mt. Holly Springs on Mountain Creek, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Andrew Kamerosky '10

Local Government Perceptions of Watershed Groups: Case Study of the Shermans Creek Conservation Association

Michael Biros '10

The Historical Impact of Development on Surface Water Flow in Trindle Springs Run, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
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