Infrastructure and Transportation
on Montserrat

Road under construction

Olde Towne Road under construction

The M.V. Opale Express

The ferry docking at the seaport on Montserrat

The volcanic crisis greatly damaged Montserrat's infrastructure. It also destroyed previously reliable forms of transportation. These effects greatly inhibited the lifestyles of those who remained on-island during and after the crisis. Almost half of Montserrat is currently uninhabitable; this half of the island contained valuable infrastructure and transportation elements like the Bramble Airport and the ferry port. However, the Montserratian government and Public Works Department are working to improve the island's road networks, nautical and aerial transports, and to stabilize utilities and water.

On this website we discuss the effects of the volcanic crisis on infrastructure and transportation. We also investigate what has been done to repair, and improve upon, these things.


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