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Complaint / Grievance policy and procedure

Policy : The purpose of the Complaint/Grievance Policy is to ensure patient's rights are protected.  Grievances or complaints may be directed against the Health Center providers, or Dickinson College.  This policy describes the complaint procedure regarding Student Health Services.  The Grievance policy for the College can be found in the Student Handbook.

It is the policy of the Health Center to serve all clients without regard to race, age, sex, gender identity, color, ancestry, sexual preference, national origin, legal residence, economic status, religious creed, parenthood, marital status, contraceptive preference, disability or handicap.    Clients will be notified of their right to submit a grievance or complaint against the Health Center staff or its policies by various  means.  The policy and procedure is made known to students by posting in the Health Center waiting room, exam rooms and on our web page.  

Whether the complaint or grievance is received by e-mail, telephone, or personal contact, the provider staff member will determine if the situation meets the definition of a complaint or a grievance.


Health Center complaints :  A complaint is defined as a petition on the part of a client regarding their dissatisfaction with a provider due to the client's perception of the quality of services, their treatment by the provider or other staff member, or operations and management policies and procedures of the department.

Sexual Health Program (FHC subsidized) complaints and grievances :  See definition of "complaint" above.  A grievance is defined as a petition on the part of a client regarding their dissatisfaction due to how payment for services is determined, disqualification of the client for subsidized services, or a decrease or denial of funding that affects the client's access to services.   The grievance may be directed against the program, its staff, or its policy.

PROCEDURE: When a patient's unresolved issue meets the definition of a complaint or grievance, and the client has requested and received an explanation of the complaint procedures, the following should occur:

Step One :  The student is instructed to print and complete the Student Complaint / Grievance Form , located on our web site. The form should be forwarded to the Director of the Health Center. The Health Center Director will speak with the student by telephone, e-mail, or in person about the complaint or grievance if more information is needed. 

StepTwo: The Health Center Director investigates the situation and takes action to resolve the client's complaint or grievance to the extent possible. The student is notified of the outcome of the investigation and action taken. This may include providing education to the student regarding Health Center procedure and limitations of services.

Step Three :  Documentation of the actions and resolution of the complaint will be maintained in the Health Center in a confidential Complaint /Grievance file

Step Four :  The Health Center Director will review all documentation of complaints at the end of each semester to be sure there has been resolution.

Step Five :  In the event a complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the complaint is reviewed with the Dean of Students.

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