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Dickinson College Student Health Services
Health Forms and Policies

All medical record forms will be sent to you in May. If you need them prior to receiving the mailing, or you misplace them, you may print the forms from the links below.

The student is responsible for completing the medical / health history on-line. You can access this form through the Student Forms tab in Gateway by using your user name and password provided to you in your Orientation packet cover letter.

Please make an appointment with your health care provider as soon as possible so the immunization and physical exam portion of the medical record can be completed and returned by the deadline of July 1.

Any questions, please call 717-245-1835, or e-mail health@dickinson.edu. To fax information, our fax number is 717-245-1938

The following health forms and policies may be viewed and printed by clicking on  the titles below.

Welcome letter

Pre-admission Immunization Policy

Medical Record - Medical History Form to be completed on-line. (Link pending)

Medical Record - Medical History Form - Page 1 (to be printed and completed only if you cannot complete the on-line form.)

Medical Record - Immunization information & meningitis waiver form- Page 2

Medical Record - Physical Exam - Page 3

Medical Record - TB Risk determination - Page 4

Pennsylvania's meningitis law, information and waiver form.

Student Health Insurance information

Allergy Injection forms

Medical Confidentiality Laws in Pennsylvania

"Don't Forget" - What you should bring to college

Request for exemption from the freshman automobile policy.

Special Housing Request based on medical, psychological or disability needs

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