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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault help - what to do.
Relevent Web Resources


College Health Issues

For College Women
This site was developed by Brandeis University and covers a wide range of topics concerning womens' health.

*Resistant Staph Infections in College Athletes *
CDC link for more in depth information

Go Ask Alice
Maintained by Columbia University, each week experts answer five of the more than 800 health questions readers submit about sex, relationships and health topics.

University of Colorado, Boulder: Health Center
This website includes links to 248 college health services worldwide. A listing of Health Information for Consumers provides a virtual goldmine of resource links on general health topics. There is a very comprehensive page of links to 17 online health screening and appraisals.

Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine
Information about the vaccine from the Center for Disease Control

Whats in energy drinks?
Find out what these drinks really contain.

Prescription Medication

National Institutes of Health drug information site
From this site you can look up any prescription medication for doseage, side effects, contraindications and and indications for useage.

Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

CDC Site for Sexual Health
Comprehensive information on all STD's is available through this site, in easy to read, printable format.

This site gives valuable information about birth control pills

Information about sexually transmitted diseases from the Pennsylvania State Department of Health.

A site for young adults to get up-to-date information about sexualtiy and reporductive health.

Oral Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Emergency Contraception
Not too late
Answers questions about emergency contraception 

Planned Parenthood
This site will give you information on emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill.

This site describes emergency contraception and how it is used.

This site will help you determine if you are at risk.

Skin Cancer
This site describe in detail and with pictures how to determine if a mole is something to worry about.  Melanoma, a deadly skin cancer is increasing in the college aged population.  Learn how to prevent it, and how to detect it early.

Testicular Cancer & Testicular Self-Exam
This site will explain the importance and technique of self testicular exam.

From the American Institute of Preventive Medicine, this site reviews signs and symptoms of testicular cancer and how to do a self testicular exam.

In question and answer format, this site answers some of the most common questions about testicular cancer.
Eating Disorders
This site is a good resource for information about all types of eating disorders.
Alcohol Issues
This is a web site with invaluable information about alcohol, what is does to your body physiologically and psychologically.  It describes the warning signs of abuse and how to help a friend.  This site is geared for college students.  Check it out!

Tobacco use and College Students


General Health
Mayo Clinic Health
Search the extensive library for articles pertaining to most important health issues.  Also on this site is a weekly  Q&A, with such questions as " Aluminum cookware - Is it safe?"

The Merck Manual
Now available free on the Internet, a manual of medical terminology and definitions.

The Medical Search Engine
The Yahoo of medical directories.

Health World Online
A comprehensive site that features articles, discussions, and information about the benefits of staying healthy and fit.

Connections for better health, nutrition, and smoking cessation information.

Dr. Koop's Community
Quality medical information from the former Surgeon General.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Better known for containing the outbreak of dangerous diseases, the CDC in addition have developed an informative website containing info. on travelers' health and health issues in the news.

The American Heart Association
Dedicated to providing you with education and information on fighting heart disease and stroke.

The National Institutes of Health
The government agency which allocates money to hospitals and health research centers.

Other resources for college health professionals
Clinical Checksheets

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