You can choose between the following two courses:

Math 171: Multivariable Calculus (this course is offered every semester)
Math 211: Discrete Mathematics (this course is offered every semester)

You can find course descriptions in the college bulletin.


You automatically receive credit for:
Math 170: Single Variable Calculus
Math 270: Integration and Infinite Series

Placement exam

You do not have to take Dickinson's mathematics placement exam.

Our recommendation

We have no recommendation. However, note:

  • Both Math 171 and Math 211 are required for the mathematics major and for students pursuing the 3-2 engineering program.
  • Math 171 (but not Math 211) is required for the physics, chemistry, and biochemistry & molecular biology majors and is recommended for pre-health students.
  • Math 211 (but not Math 171) is required for the computer science major.


If you have taken any mathematics courses beyond AP Calculus BC, please contact the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for placement.

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