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Department of Public Safety

vehicle registration

All vehicles which park on Dickinson College property are required to be registered with the Department of Public Safety.  If a vehicle is parked on the property and not registered, it may receive a parking ticket.  These tickets  do include a fine.

To register a vehicle on campus simply do the following:
  1. Bring your valid driver licence, vehicle registration card and insurance card to the DPS office.
  2. Inform the dispatcher of where you live or work on campus and what year student you are (soph, jr, sr)
  3. Completely fill out the form provided by the dispatcher and return it.
Once these steps are completed you will receive your parking decal which is to be placed on the lower left of the rear bumper.

           *First-year Student Car Policy *
  • First year students are not permitted to possess or operate motor vehicles on the Dickinson campus or in the Carlisle area. This policy is in effect seven days a week, 24 hours a day while school is in session. Exceptions to the policy are granted according to a set of strict guidelines established by the College. All requests for exceptions must be submitted by the student to the Director of Public Safety in writing with the necessary and appropriate documentation in support of the request attached. Violations of the first year student car policy will result in loss of car privileges for the first full semester of the sophomore year, a fine and the immediate removal of the vehilce from the Carlisle area.
  • If a first year student requires a car for medical reasons, their health care provider must complete a Request for Exemption from Automobile Restriction Policy form and submit it to the Health Center. The director of the Health Center will make a recommendation to the Director of Public Safety. The student will them be notified of the decision. The form is located on the Health Center website and is available at www.dickinson.edu/departments/health/healthformlist.htm.

More information is on the decals and regulations is listed on the Parking Locations page.

400 W. North St. - Rear | Carlisle, PA 17013
Telephone Ext.: 1349 | Off Campus: (717) 245-1349