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COSCI 131-01Computer Science I w/Lab(24)
9:30AM MWF;3:00PM-5:00PM TH Chapin, A TM 118 Quantitative Reasoning Division III 
COSCI 131-02Computer Science I w/Lab(24)
11:30AM MWF;3:00PM-5:00PM M Ziantz, L TM 118 Quantitative Reasoning Division III 
COSCI 131-03Computer Science I w/Lab(24)
12:30PM MWF;3:00PM-5:00PM T Dempsey, P TM 118 Quantitative Reasoning Division III 
COSCI 132-01 Course has a prerequisiteComputer Science II w/Lab(24)
11:30AM MWF; 
3:00PM-5:00PM W 
Wahls, T TM 117 
TM 118 
Quantitative Reasoning Division III 
COSCI 251-01 75 minute period course Course has a prerequisiteComputer Organization
NOTE: Completion of both COSCI 251 & COSCI 332 fulfills the WR Requirement.
3:00PM MTH Braught, G TM 231  
COSCI 332-01 75 minute period course Course has a prerequisiteAnalysis of Algorithms(16)
1:30PM TF Wahls, T TM 231  
COSCI 356-01 75 minute period course Course has a prerequisiteProgramming Lang Structure(25)
3:00PM TF Wahls, T TM 231  
COSCI 364-01 75 minute period course Course has a prerequisiteArtificial Intelligence(15)
1:30PM MTH Chapin, A TM 231  

Course Codes: Course has a prerequisite = Has Prerequisite, 75 minute period course = 75 Minute Period, Half credit course = ½ Course Credit
Course Types: Comparative Civilizations = Comparative Civilizations, Quantitative Reasoning = Quantitative Reasoning, Service Learning = Service Learning, US Diversity = US Diversity, Writing = Writing
Division Codes: Division I A = Division IA, Division I B = Division IB, Division I C = Division IC, Division II = Division II, Division III = Division III
Please note: Even though some courses may be listed with more than one course type/division code, be sure to consult the College Bulletin for restrictions on double-counting courses for certain requirements.

If you are the next eligible person on a wait list when a space opens, you will be notified by the Registrar via e-mail to your Dickinson e-mail account. You must respond within 24 hours or you will automatically be dropped from the wait list and the next person notified.

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