Registrar's Office


    Karen Weikel - Registrar - x1315
-Interpretation & Explanation of College Policies
-Senior Degree Audits
-Transfer Credit Evaluation
-Summer School
-Continuing Education
-Development and oversight of Registrar's office functions

Deb Bolen - Associate Registrar
- x1315    
-Registration Coordination & Correspondence     
-Student System Development & Maintenance  
-Official Enrollment Reporting  
-Monitor Academic Standing  
-Approval of Routine & Ad-Hoc Reporting  
-Staff Training & Development
-Development/Integration of Banner/CLIQ/NolijWeb


Samantha Nenninger - Assistant to the Registrar - x1316  
-Forms: Incomplete Grades, Grade Changes, Withdrawal,
Late Add/Drop, and Domestic Enrollment in Another Institution
-Registration Discrepancies
-Faculty Office assignment/classroom scheduling
-Schedule meetings/appointments for Registrar
-Diploma Order and re-order replacements
-Administrative Support and Reports for Registrar

    Donna Peterson - Administrative Assistant - x1680
-Forms: Major, Minor, Certificate and Advisor changes
    Trudy Piper - Administrative Technician - x1061
-Degree Audit Maintenance
-Transfer Credit Posting - Domestic & Abroad
-Course Creation & Maintenance
-AP and Language, Math, Chemistry, & Music Placements
    Marilyn Proctor - Administrative Software Technician - x1585
-IT Liaison
-Requests for Information
-Assistance with Banner trouble-shooting 
    Carol Wetzel - Administrative Technician - x1262
-Student Status Processing
-Student Worker Selection/Supervisor
-Course Section Creation & Maintenance
-Assist IT Tech w/Providing Products/Reports on Campus
-Maintain Registrar's Office Procedures/Documentation
-Maintain Registrar's Office web page
-Forms: Overload Permission, Independent Study/Research, and Tutorials
    Nancy Shoemaker - Information Services Coordinator - x1315  
-Office Receptionist: Phone, Registrar e-mail account
-Home Address/Phone changes
-Forms: FERPA, Audit, Pass/Fail, & Enrollment Verifications
-Continuing Education/Summer School registration
-Dean's List Letters


Updated 8/25/09; C.Wetzel