Service Learning Home

Judging by student enthusiasm and response, this course was one of the most successful courses I have ever taught."
—Prof. Wendell Smith, Spanish for the Health Professions

Dickinson's commitment to educate citizen leaders by providing a useful education translates into various opportunities for students to grow into responsible citizens, informed and engaged with the issues facing our world broadly and the local communities in which we live. Useful education encourages students to explore the connections between their course work and the wider world. Service-learning is one way that students encounter and create meaningful connections between their studies and community experience.

Service-learning grows out of a collaborative relationship between a Dickinson faculty member and a community organization. Faculty members align the learning objectives of their courses with the needs of the partnering organization. The course is designed with students providing "service" or engaging in applied research. The community agency and its constituents derive some benefit from the relationship, while the faculty member guides the students to integrate their hands-on experience with the course readings and other assignments.

On this site

you will find out about the range of service-learning opportunities that exist at Dickinson:

  • For students, this site will help you identify information on service-learning courses, the faculty who teach these courses, the collaborating community agencies, and prior student experiences.
  • For faculty, this site will guide you to resources to support the development and teaching of service-learning courses.
  • For potential community partners, this site will give you examples of collaborative relationships which have developed with Dickinson faculty and community-based organizations, and how to initiate such a partnership