Fieldwork & Programs

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The American Mosaic Semester

THE AMERICAN MOSAIC SEMESTER began as an experiment in interdisciplinary and multicultural education at Dickinson College. It combined the methodology, theoretical perspectives and resources of Sociology, English, Economics and American Studies and put them to use in a community-college study of Steelton, PA. Subsequent domestic and international Mosaics have engaged students in fieldwork with Latino migrant workers in Adams County, PA and in a cross-cultural study of trans-Atlantic migration and labor-ethnic relations in the oil company towns of Patagonia, Argentina.


CLOTHESLINE is a 53 minute documentary video based on interviews with women who contributed artwork to the central Pennsylvania clothesline project. The project was used to help women express the violence that they have suffered and the healing and recovery that they were experiencing.

The Center for Community Studies

THE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY STUDIES AT DICKINSON COLLEGE was recently established for students and faculty who are engaged in empirical research.