Dickinson Semester in Washignton
Operated in partnership with The Washington Center
for Internships and Academic Seminars
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Getting Started

How do I figure out if TWC is right for me?

(1) Pick up and look through aTWC information/application packet (available from Global Ed in the Stern Center)

(2) Review the program as descibed on this web site.  http://www.dickinson.edu/departments/twc

Once you have a good feel for the program, contact Prof. Hoefler, the TWC liaison at Dickinson (hoefler@dickinson.edu), to get any questions you still might have answered or discuss any concerns that you might have.

(4) Print out the Dickinson Semester in DC checklist and start completing the application.

All materials (including essays, application form, transcript, letters of recommendation, resume, deposit, etc.) should be submitted directly to the Office of Global Education for review by the Washington Semester coordinating committee.  If applications are complete and acceptable, they will be forwarded to The Washington Center for further action. 

How does financial aid work with TWC?

To sort out your financial aid situation, contact: 
Office of Financial Aid
South College, Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA  17013  (717) 245-1308

What are the fees for attending TWC in the summer?

The fee for attending the TWC summer session through Dickinson is in the range of $9,000. This fee includes housing in DC and tuition for the 3 Dickinson credits that will be earned for the 10-week term.  Just as with the regular semester programs, you are on your own for food (all the apartments do come with fully furnished kitchens). 

Do I have to live in TWC housing?

Living in TWC housing is required and part of the Dickinson Semester-in-Washington experience. Exceptions to this rule are almost never made during the regular school year.  Exceptions to the rule are occasionally granted, on a case by-case basis, given extenuating circumstances.  See Laurie Mossler in the Office of Global Education (245-1341) for further information.

What are the deadlines?

Dickinson's deadlines for TWC are as follows:
Note: The normal application deadline posted by TWC is usually later than the Dickinson deadline.  In those cases, the Dickinson deadline applies.  Some TWC deadlines come before the Dickinson deadline (e.g., when students wish to be considered for internships where security clearances must be obtained).  In these cases, the TWC deadline is the one that applies.
For the spring term, the deadline is: September 15
For the summer term, the deadline is: February 1
For the fall term, the deadline is:
February 15

For more information, contact:
Prof. Jim Hoefler, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Policy Studies Program
Department of Political Science
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013
Office: (717) 245-1311
Fax: (717) 245-1479
Email: hoefler@dickinson.edu


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