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The Writing Program

At Dickinson, writing is taught across the curriculum, in all departments, at all levels. The Writing Program ensures that students graduate with the writing skills they need to be productive citizens in personal, professional, and civic endeavors. The program includes three basic pedagogical components: the First-Year Seminar, the writing intensive course (WR), and writing in the major.

In the first-year seminars, students are given extensive practice and instruction in writing, which will serve them well in the rest of their academic career. WR courses are offered across the curriculum and emphasize mid-process feedback so that students have a chance to make rhetorical and stylistic improvements in their work while it is still in the drafting stage. Students also typically write extensively in the major, particularly at the senior level.

The Eberly Writing Center can assist students at any level and at any stage in the writing process.

Director of Writing: Noreen Lape

Senior Administrative Assistant: Sally Nestor