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What is Plagiarism?

The Dickinson College Plagiarism Policy:
To plagiarize is to use without proper citation or acknowledgment the words, ideas or work of another. Whenever one relies on someone else for phraseology, even for only two or three words, one must acknowledge indebtedness by using quotation marks and giving the source, either in the text or in a footnote. When one borrows facts which are not matters of general knowledge, including all statistics and translations, one must indicate one's indebtedness in the text or footnote. When one borrows an idea or the logic of an argument, one

must acknowledge indebtedness either in a footnote or in the text. When in doubt--footnote.

Most plagiarism in unintentional, the result of ignorance or inaccurate note-taking. Your paper, however, cannot be evaluated by guesses about your intention; it can only be evaluated as it exists. Whether the plagiarism is intentional or inadvertent, the penalty is severe.