January 30, 2013

EAB Picks Dance Location

The Event Advisory Board (EAB) plans to use the Union Station for events now that the Depot is unavailable.

“Although [the Union Station] is typically seen as a dining space, we’ll show how it can be transformed into a unique and dynamic event space,” said Erica D’Eramo, EAB advisor.

The first EAB event in the Union Station was the Blacklight Dance on Friday, Jan. 25. “About 50 people came in and out…through the night,” said Julie Foong ’15, an EAB board member. “And those who did [attend] had a good time and we’re glad everything went smoothly.”

Some attendees were happy with the new location.

“I prefer the Union Station because it’s closer than the Depot,” said Su Yadana ’16, who attended the blacklight dance. “The music and the lighting are still great.” Other events planned for the Union Station include a Toga Party, Brownie Bingo, Karaoke & Wings, Chocolate Candy Shop and Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.