January 30, 2013

Fashion Review

Time Bomb Explodes with Fashion

After having the pleasure of visiting the recently reopened store named, Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb, I would recommended others make the visit as well. The store is located on High Street right next to George’s Subs and Pizza. Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb is primarily a vintage store that also has some new items for “those who do not appreciate the vintage items,” says one of the sales women.

Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb first opened in 2008, then it reopened this past September after going through some renovations. When the store originally opened, it was less than half the size it is now. The new store is a great size with plenty of space to display and accommodate the merchandise.

For those who are not familiar with what a vintage shop is, it is a store that sells clothing and accessories from a previous era. Most of the vintage clothing has been previously worn, however there are some items that may not have been.

The front of the store contains the new merchandise, while the larger rear of the store is filled with marvelous vintage clothing. The new merchandise includes accessories such as scarfs and jewelry, whereas the vintage items include a variety of accessories and clothing. The clothing includes various dresses, pants, coats and tops for both men and women. The store also has a wide array of shoes and handbags that seem to be of pretty good quality.

The items that stuck out to me were the exquisite jackets and coats that would make any fashionista become overwhelmed with amazement. On display, there were various wool coats many of which had fur trim and also trendy capes that could be worn in this frigid weather. To my pleasant surprise, these coats were very reasonably priced, ranging around $50.

Overall, I found that Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb had a great vibe with friendly and helpful employees. So if you’re looking for some quality vintage clothing or if you’re just simply in the area, I would recommend checking out Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb.