February 13, 2013

The Scoop on Massey's: Now Open Year Round!

Massey’s Frozen Custard, which reopened on Thursday, Feb. 7, has recently made the decision to remain open year-round.

“We recently acquired new ownership, and decided that this was the next step for us,” explained co-owner Amber White. “Besides our decision to run all year long, though, there have been no other changes.”

She does not know yet how much money Massey’s expects to gain annually as a result of this change.

“This is going to be our first month ever being open this deep into winter, so we will just have to wait and see how our revenue changes,” said White. Dickinson students have had mixed reactions to Massey’s reopening. “I was ecstatic when Massey’s re-opened!” said Renata Leo ’15. “I love their soft-serve, so it was great to see them open for the year.”

She was not the only student pleased with the news.

“I thought it was great, both for them and for us,” said Andrew Chen ’15. “They’ll get more business and we’ll get more ice cream. I definitely plan to go in the winter.” Other students, however, were not so thrilled about the decision to reopen.

“Some people might not want to eat ice cream in the cold,” noted Holly Holtz ’15. “Also, Massey’s reopening in the warm weather was always something to look forward to.”

This was a repeated sentiment. Robert MacKenna ’15 was also surprised at Massey’s re-opening.

“It’s too cold for ice cream,” said MacKenna. “If I’m going to get ice cream, I would rather eat it inside on campus than outside at Massey’s.”