February 13, 2013

Relay Kicks Off

This month the Dickinson College Relay for Life organization is participating in a competition called February Frenzy, says the president of Dickinson’s Relay committee, Megan Corcoran ’13. According to the Relay For Life website, February Frenzy is a fundraising competition between 83 colleges and universities in the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The champion receives prizes from the American Cancer Society to be used and displayed at the Relay for Life event and a spot at the Relay Leadership Summit, says the Relay For Life website.

The schools compete in weekly challenges and are placed in brackets against other colleges and universities.

“[Feb. 4 through 10] we [faced] Misericordia University and our challenge…[was] to get a larger number of people to sign up for Relay,” says Margaret Black ’13, the co-chair of Dickinson’s Relay committee.

Dickinson College has participated in Relay For Life for five years, says Corcoran. Relay for Life is a nightlong event sponsored by the American Cancer Society in order to fundraise for cancer survivors and to support research efforts, says the Relay for Life website. It includes walking around a track, ceremonies, performances and games.

Dickinson’s Relay For Life organization held the spring kick-off event on Wednesday, Feb. 6 to prepare for the February Frenzy competition. The HUB Social Hall was decorated in honor of the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Tables at the event included merchandise, registration forms and luminaria donation forms.

“The registration table was the most popular at this event,” says Corcoran, “which is perfect because we want to get more people registered.”

By the end of the event, 30 more students were signed up for Relay For Life, says Corcoran. Approximately 310 students are currently signed up for the event.

“I’m signing up because I used to do Relay For Life in high school,” says an anonymous source, “it’s such a great payoff to know that everyone is in the same place for 24 hours supporting the same cause. It’s very uniting.”

Last year, Dickinson College raised approximately $54,000, says Corcoran, but their end goal for this year’s event is $58,500. “At this point we are much further ahead than we were last year,” says Corcoran.

“We’ve almost raised twice as much than we did last year at this time,” says Black. The team has approximately two more months until the Relay For Life event, held on Friday, April 5 in the Kline center, to reach its goal. For more information, check out the Dickinson College Relay for Life Facebook page.