February 13, 2013

Comedian Gets Laughs in SNAR

American Comedian Alexandra McHale sent the crowd into fits of laughter during her recent performance at Dickinson College. On Saturday, Feb. 9 the Multi-Organizational Board (MOB) brought McHale to the Union Station for a live performance. McHale, who has appeared on Jay Leno and Comedy Central, brought with her an act that touched on everything from supernatural school buildings to her strong Irish blood.

“Based on the 15-minute showcase Alexandra McHale presented at the most recent National Association for Campus Activities meeting, the members of MOB felt her humor would be a good fit for Dickinson’s campus,” said Variety Chair of the Multi-Organizational board Mika Roque ’15.

“We decided to hold this event in the [Union Station] because it’s a less formal setting than ATS,” added Roque. “With the Depot being torn down, we thought it would be best to take advantage of the [Union Station’s] small size.”

McHale spoke about college majors and wonky college relationships between couples and at parties, topics to which much of the audience could relate. She also discussed her experiences with haunted buildings on campus.

After the performance, members of the student audience sang the comedian’s praise.

“I thought she was great,” said Brandon Griest ’16, a member of the audience. “Her content fit with the age group and the smaller venue was better.”

“It was a good decision by MOB. She was entertaining all the way through the act,” said Chris Wolf ’14.

“She was very personable and engaged a lot with the audience,” said Hector Meza ’13.

Whenever groups entered the Union Station, she acknowledged their presence and had a regular conversation with them. Due to the small, awkwardly shaped space of the venue, which McHale likened to the spaceship the Starship Enterprise, it was easier for the audience to participate in the act.

“I thought she was hilarious,” said David Cruz ’13, Cruz said he looks forward to seeing more of her material if she were to return to Dickinson.

For more information on Alexandra McHale and her performance times, follow her on Facebook at “Alexandra McHale – Comedian.”