February 13, 2013

Dickinson Fashion Gets Online Presence

Dickinson has a new face to help chronicle college fashion.

Krysten Peck ’15 is the first student from Dickinson College to join the blog College Fashionista. According to the College Fashionista’s website, the blog’s goal is to promote street style. Founded in 2009 by Amy Levin from Indiana University, the blog now includes hundreds of “fashionista” representatives from colleges and universities all over the world who discuss fashion trends, give style advice and share information about the latest fashion events.

Dickinson College is now part of this virtual community of college fashion. In the category “what to wear” style guru Peck writes once a week about what Dickinson students wear for brunch, on the Quad or in cold weather.

“I look for something different, for people that stand out from the crowd,” explained Peck. “But clothing is only one element. It is also how the people wear it, their attitude, their accessories, the effort they put into their outfit.” Peck has always had an eye for fashion and she likes to explore different styles.

“I don’t like looking like everyone else. That is why I don’t wear the Dickinson uniform consisting of a Dickinson pullover and sweatpants,” said Peck.

Her fashion and style idol is her grandmother. “She is one of the best-dressed people I know. Unfortunately, Dickinson students don’t care very much about what they wear, but there are individuals that have... great style and those are the ones I am looking for.”

With her camera she catches students on their way to class, to the cafeteria or to the movies. “I am inspired by street style,” she says. “Trends are interesting, but they are not everything. Why should you wear something that you never wore before, just because it is [a] trend?” With the articles and pictures that she posts every Thursday, Peck wants to create inspiration for other people. “I want people to interact with each other,” she says. “Why not about fashion? Your personal style says everything about you.”

To learn more about the latest trends and styles on campus or to apply to become a fashionista, check out the blog at www.collegefashionista.com or contact Peck at peckkr@dickinson.edu. You can also interact with College Fashionista on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.