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Staff and Contacts

About the Office of Global Education

Office of Global Education Organizational Structure

Process for Proposing and Reviewing New Programs

Office Hours and Contact Information

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Dickinson & Dickinson Partner Program Contacts

Office of Global Education Staff

Brian Whalen – Associate Provost and Executive Director; President and CEO of the Forum on Education Abroad

Oversight of global education office and programs; program and curriculum development and evaluation; research and publications; grants and funding; assessment of learning outcomes; strategic planning with departments and divisions on global education initiatives; development of college policies.

Bryan Bartosik-Velez –Senior Associate Director for International Services

Visa support and advising for scholars and students; assists Executive Director with planning and development; US Army War College Cooperative Scholarship program; Overseas Student Assistant (OSA) and Student Exchange programs; administers short-term exchange visitor programs.

Brian Brubaker – Director of Study Abroad

Overall responsibility for study abroad operations and policy implementation; assists Executive Director with planning and development; Manager for long-term Dickinson Programs as well as globally integrated programs.

Carla Maranto-Arnold – Study Abroad Coordinator

Program Manager for Dickinson Summer and Dickinson Partner Programs; study abroad advisor for non Dickinson programs.

Malinda Mochizuki – Program Associate

Specialized support for both study abroad and international services operations; assists with management of Dickinson and Dickinson Partner Programs; updates Global Education website and publications.


Kristine Barrick – Program Associate

Office-wide support; manages the logistics of the study abroad application process; maintains the study abroad database and furnishes data reports.

Linda S. Watson – Sr. Administrative Assistant

Reception and information; general office-wide clerical support; assists with coordination of study abroad application process; coordinates transportation services for the office .


Office of Global Education Organizational Structure

About the Office of Global Education

The Office of Global Education (OGE) coordinates and supervises all of the college’s international programming. The office’s executive director of global education supervises a staff of five additional professionals and two support staff. All global initiatives are housed under OGE, creating a vibrant center that unifies academic and administrative efforts. Faculty members from across the college support the development and coordination of international programming, creating a dynamic combination of centralized and de-centralized management. This assures a high standard of quality control and cross-fertilization among international programs.

Dickinson’s strategic plan articulates its vision for internationalization. It says that the college aspires to create “an educational program of the highest quality and challenge that turns the campus from a single site into the hub of a truly global network. The Dickinson global education model should be characterized by sustained, in-depth study; an imaginative variety of opportunities that reach across disciplines; and close integration of study elsewhere with the program on the home campus.”

Since OGE supervises both study abroad and international student/scholar services, it integrates these areas that are too often bifurcated on college campuses. The OGE is located in the center of campus in the Marc and Eva Stern Foundation Center for Global Education, a state-of-the-art facility that houses the academic departments of East Asian studies, international studies, and international business & management. The Stern Center has four classrooms, a videoconferencing center, the Great Room gallery and lecture hall, and a fully equipped kitchen. It is an ideal space for hosting conferences and special events.

Process for Proposing and Reviewing New Programs

Faculty who are interested in proposing new study abroad programs (including long-term Dickinson or Dickinson Partner Programs, summer programs, or globally integrated programs) will find an outline of the proposal and review process here.  To discuss possible proposals and the submission process, please contact the Office of Global Education.

Office Hours and Contact Information

Office of Global Education

Dickinson College

P.O. Box 1773

Carlisle, PA  17013

Phone:  717-245-1341

Fax:  717-245-1688

The Office of Global Education is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who is the contact person for...?

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Application packets

Kristine Barrick

Linda Watson

Communicating with students overseas Kristine Barrick
Data queries and reports Kristine Barrick
Dickinson semester & academic year programs Brian Brubaker
The Global Community House Bryan Bartosik-Velez
Globally Integrated programs Brian Brubaker
Group flights Malinda Mochizuki
International students and scholars Bryan Bartosik-Velez
International visitor summer programs Bryan Bartosik-Velez
Non-Dickinson programs Carla Maranto-Arnold
OGE policies and procedures

Brian Whalen

Brian Brubaker

The OGE website Malinda Mochizuki
Partner Programs Carla Maranto-Arnold
The PLUS program Bryan Bartosik-Velez
Pre-departure orientations

Brian Brubaker

Malinda Mochizuki

Program budgets

Brian Brubaker

Carla Maranto-Arnold

Kristy Holmes

Program curricula

Brian Whalen

Brian Brubaker

Proposing new programs or initiatives

Brian Whalen

Brian Brubaker

Reimbursement or financial questions

Brian Brubaker

Kristy Holmes

Resident director cycles & applications Brian Whalen
Subcommittee on Study Abroad Programs (SSAP) Brian Brubaker

Dickinson Summer programs abroad

Carla Maranto-Arnold
Globally-Integrated programs Brian Brubaker
Support for international events on campus

Brian Whalen

Brian Brubaker

U.S. visas & immigration policies Bryan Bartosik-Velez
Visas for outbound students & staff Linda Watson
Visiting scholar institutes Bryan Bartosik-Velez
The War College Fellows program Bryan Bartosik-Velez



Dickinson Program Contacts

Program On-Campus Coordinator Resident Director
Beijing Rae Yang Gao Shangkai, Deputy Dir.
Bologna Sylvie Davidson Doug Stuart
Bremen Sarah McGaughey Janine Ludwig
Brisbane Michael Holden Ann Wadsworth
Málaga Elise Bartosik-Velez Marcelo Borges
Moscow Elena Duzs Irina Filappova
Nagoya Akiko Meguro n/a
Norwich Hum. Todd Wronski Karl Qualls
Norwich Sci. David Crouch Marcus Key

Kjell Enge

Yreri Mendoza
Seoul Global Education n/a

Andy MacDonald

Sylvie Toux

Yaoundé Joyce Bylander Teku Teku

Dickinson Partner Program Academic Advisors

Program Campus Advisor
American University in Cairo, Egypt Edward Webb
CIEE Hyderabad, India Sharon O'Brien
CIEE São Paulo, Brazil TBD
Hebrew University, Israel Ted Pulcini
ICCS Rome, Italy Christopher Francese
School for Field Studies Thomas Arnold
University of Durham, England Christopher Francese
IES Buenos Aires, Argentina TBD
The Washington Center (TWC) Jim Hoefler
The Jewish Theological Seminary Andrea Lieber
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