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Program Evaluations for Returned Study Abroad Students

Please find the link below to download an evaluation form for your program.  Below that you will the original e-mail that was sent out over the summer explaining the evaluations.   Please send your complete evaluations to

Dickinson Program Evaluations

Dickinson Partner Program Evaluations

Non-Dickinson Program Evaluation


Summer Program Evaluations

Details about the Program Evaluation

Please find below the original e-mail that was sent out with the evaluation. 

The Office of Global Education would like to ask you to complete the attached program evaluation of your study abroad experience. Most questions are open-ended, and we want you to give honest and frank answers.  Please directly respond within the word document.


The primary purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback about the programs’ strengths and weaknesses so that the college may continually improve the quality of its study abroad programs. Evaluations will be available at the Information Center in the Global Education office for students to consult as they explore study abroad options. Students can browse through and learn from recent peer comments about a specific program. Please be aware of your audience and try to communicate the essential points of your experience.


We also find that completing the evaluation provides students with a valuable opportunity to reflect upon and analyze their learning experience.  In this respect, your study abroad learning experience is just beginning!


To protect confidentiality, all evaluations will be kept anonymous when displayed for student use.

Your evaluation should be sent back as a word document with responses typed in via e-mail to


A $50 dollar prize will be awarded to a randomly selected student that fills out this evaluation.



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