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International Scholars

Information for New International Scholars
Information for Current International Scholars
Information for Faculty and Departments

Information for New International Scholars

Obtaining a US visa
Most visiting international scholars at Dickinson College come to the US on a J-1 visa. Information about the visa information process may be found below and also at

J-1 Status Information

Travel to Dickinson College
It is helpful for visiting international scholars to become familiar with current US immigration policies and procedures. The following information will help you know what to expect upon arrival in the US:

The offer letter you received from Dickinson College outlines the specific arrangements that have been or will be made for your travel to campus. Please contact Bryan Bartosik-Velez, Associate Director for International Student and Scholar Services, with any specific questions you may have.

Prior to arrival on campus, you will be sent a copy of the Handbook for Visiting International Scholars.

All new international scholars at Dickinson College will undergo an orientation during their first week on campus. This orientation will be led by the Office of Global Education and the faculty sponsor. The Office of Global Education will ensure that all room and board arrangements are adequate, assist you in completing any paperwork, opening a local bank account, help you apply for a Social Security Card if necessary, and will review pertinent immigration information. You should be sure to bring all immigration documents to this orientation, including your passport, I-94 card, and DS-2019. If any dependent family members have accompanied you, you should bring their immigration documents as well.

Your faculty or departmental sponsor will orient you to campus academic life and to the town of Carlisle. Specific orientations to campus technology and library resources are available upon request.

Getting to Know Carlisle

Downtown Carlisle offers a variety of interesting shops that can meet many of you shopping needs, and all within walking distance of campus. Check out the funky new shops on Pomfret Street, the unique ClothesVine, the Whistlestop and Pomfret Street bookstores and many more.

To view an interactive map and a list of all the shops and restaurants that are only a few blocks away, go to


Information for Current International Scholars

Useful Forms and Information

Maintaining J-1 status

Travel reminder
All J-1 scholars who depart the U.S. and intend to return to Dickinson College to resume their program must have their Form DS-2019 endorsed for travel by the Associate Director for International Student and Scholar Services.

Departure from Campus
Scholars should contact the Associate Director for International Student and Scholar Services approximately one month prior to their departure and request a departure checklist. The Associate Director will tailor your checklist as appropriate to help you make your departure from Dickinson College as smooth as possible.


Information for Faculty and Departments

Inviting a Visiting International Scholar to campus
If you wish to invite an international scholar to campus for a brief time period (lecture, conference, or workshop), please follow the instructions outlined on the Financial Operations website.

If you are interested in hosting a visiting international scholar for a short-term residency, a semester, or an academic year, please submit a proposal to Brian Whalen, Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Office of Global Education. This proposal should outline the purpose of the scholar’s visit and his or her anticipated campus activities. The Department Request for a J-1 Scholar Form should also accompany the proposal.

Guide for hosting an international scholar
Each hosting department will be sent a copy of the Handbook for Hosting a Visiting International Scholar.

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