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Non-Dickinson Programs

Why does Dickinson charge a fee for participation in a non-Dickinson program?
The study abroad fee that Dickinson charges ($1,600 per semester for study abroad during the 2009-2010 academic year) is for a number of services provided to students, many of them “behind the scenes."

The fee is not a “finder’s fee.” That is, it is not meant to pay for finding a program for students. The Office of Global Education can advise students on possible programs, or at least point them in the direction of resources where they may find an appropriate program. If Dickinson students have not studied in certain locations of the world, then this chore may indeed prove more difficult than if a student were to choose a more popular destination. However, it has been found that such proactive effort is indeed good preparation for the off-campus experience.

The fee does cover resources available to students in the Office of Global Education; predeparture orientation and information; communication with students while at another institution on matters such as housing and registration; and administration of the transfer credit process for courses students take at another institution. It also covers reentry activities and events, including reentry gatherings and other activities, and communication with the host program regarding logistical issues and student life matters.

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