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Information for Parents

While your son or daughter navigates the study abroad program selection process, you may have a number of questions of your own. We have compiled here some basic information that we hope you will find useful as you discuss these plans with your student.

Program Choices
Dickinson College is one of the most prolific colleges in the world in the development of off-campus study programs. More than 60 Dickinson faculty members have directed study abroad programs, and Dickinson now sponsors more than 40 programs on six continents in 24 countries. These options include academic year programs, semester programs, summer programs, Globally Integrated courses that include a January international field experience and specialized programs which combine domestic study with international study, such as the Mosaic Program.

Dickinson students have a wide array of program choices through which they may pursue their global learning objectives, including:

Dickinson Programs
Dickinson Programs are developed and directly managed by Dickinson College and led by an on-site director who may be a Dickinson professor or a representative from the host institution. They have been created by academic departments at Dickinson as extensions of the department’s curriculum and are monitored by them.  Approximately 70 percent of Dickinson students who study abroad participate in a Dickinson Program.

Dickinson Partner Programs
Partner Programs are developed through linkages between Dickinson academic departments and departments at overseas institutions. Partner Programs allow students to apply their Dickinson financial aid to the programs and continue to pay their regular Dickinson comprehensive fee. Students enroll in the partner institution with few services provided by Dickinson. Approximately 10 percent of students who study abroad participate in a Dickinson Partner Program.

Non-Dickinson Programs
Non-Dickinson programs extend Dickinson’s off-campus network to include study options in every part of the world and in every academic area. While not as closely monitored as Dickinson Programs and Partner Programs, these programs are offered by accredited colleges and universities, which oversee them. Students pay a study abroad fee to Dickinson and are not able to transport institutional aid to these programs. Approximately 20 percent of students who study abroad participate in a non-Dickinson program.

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Fee policies for non-Dickinson programs

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