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Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures

Grades and Credits
In general, coursework taken at cooperating institutions abroad is transferable provided that:

  • grades of “C” (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or better are earned;
  • the coursework is consistent with a liberal arts curriculum;
  • coursework taken abroad does not duplicate coursework for which students have already earned Dickinson credit.

Final determination of credit will be made by the registrar. Determination of credit to fulfill major, minor or distribution requirements will be made by the relevant academic department. Students participating in off-campus programs are expected to take a normal full-time course load as defined by the host program or institution. For Dickinson Programs and Partner Programs a normal full load is generally defined as 4 or 4.5 credits per semester; some programs require a separate pre-program orientation course that may yield an additional credit. To take more than 4.5 credits per semester on a Dickinson Program or Partner Program, a student must petition the associate dean and executive director of global education. Students studying on Dickinson Approved Programs should consult a representative of their host program regarding the number of courses that constitutes a normal full load; the host institution’s normal full load will transfer back as 4 Dickinson credits. To transfer back more than 4 credits from an Approved Program, a student must petition the Academic Program and Standards Committee.

Transfer Credit Policies for Semester and Academic Year Programs
Courses taught at Dickinson centers abroad are recorded on the transcript with titles and grades. Only grades for “Dickinson courses” (defined as courses approved by the Academic Program and Standards Committee and taught by faculty members approved by the Faculty Personnel Committee) will be included in the cumulative grade point average. For courses taken at a cooperating institution (e.g., the University of Toulouse, the University of Bologna, etc.) or on an Approved Program, the equivalent letter grades earned are recorded on the Dickinson transcript, but the grade is not included in the Dickinson GPA (see exceptions below). Although Dickinson students will not earn credit for grades of C- or below, the letter grades will nonetheless appear on the transcript.

The following courses taken at cooperating institutions have been approved as “Dickinson Courses” by the appropriate academic departments. Letter grades earned will be counted in students’ Dickinson grade point averages for:

  • University of East Anglia (Norwich) courses in English and American studies, fine arts, theatre, music, history, philosophy and religion and courses in sociology except for core courses 240, 241 and 330/331, for which pre-approval is required;
  • University of East Anglia (Norwich) courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science, environmental studies, geology, mathematics and computer science;
  • School for Field Studies courses taken at the Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica;
  • ICCS (Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies) in Rome courses.

Overseas Internships
Dickinson College’s international programs are distinguished by their emphasis on sustained engagement with local society and rigorous learning about host cultures. Many Dickinson programs offer students the opportunity to intern with a company or organization as a way of fostering this engaged learning. Internships may be completed for academic credit or done on a non-credit basis. In recent years, Dickinson students have held these and other international internships—some of which have led to permanent employment opportunities:

Book marketer, England
Winery marketing assistant, France
Assistant at ecology center, Germany
Assistant accountant, Ireland
Art museum intern, Italy
Marketing assistant, Mexico
English teacher, Russia
Radio station intern, Spain
Media intern, China

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