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What happens once my application is complete?

Application Decisions
Decisions are made by faculty program committees that assist in the planning and development of the off-campus programs. Applicants may be interviewed as part of this process, depending on the requirements of the individual program.

Notification and Acceptance
The Office of Global Education will notify students of admission decisions. Accepted students must return a signed confirmation of participation form and a $300 confirmation payment by the deadline specified in the acceptance letter. Students who do not return their confirmation payment and confirmation of participation form by the deadline may be removed from the list of participants.

Students should apply for passports before or at the time of application to an off-campus program. The Office of Global Education sponsors a Passport Night to encourage and assist all students in obtaining a passport. A copy of the first page of the applicant’s passport must be included with the off-campus study application.

Orientation Meetings
Program-specific orientation meetings are held to address topics such as health and safety, cross-cultural adjustment and learning goals and objectives; topics related to the specific program also are covered. These orientations are led by Global Education staff, on-campus faculty coordinators and returned students. A general orientation handbook and program-specific handbooks also are produced by the Office of Global Education and distributed to students and their parents.

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